Backpack Styles: The Ultimate Buying Guide In 2022

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Backpacks retailed in stores tend to be more expensive, which gives wholesalers of backpacks ample profit margins. However, if you are not clear about your sales market and customer preferences, the huge profit margin will not enable you to make a big profit, instead, you will lose money and lag in sales. After reading this article, you will not encounter these problems. If you still have questions, you can contact us directly and we will give you a customized product plan.

1. What is backpack style?

Previously we wrote an article 18 Types Of Backpack: The Ultimate Guide, which you may have already read. This time, our focus is completely different: we want to tell you something more detailed, about what styles a two-shoulder backpack can have, such as preppy, fluffy, rainbow, clear, etc. The backpack style is mainly about the design language of how a backpack looks, and how it can be designed while keeping the function and type of the backpack intact.

Backpack styles
Backpack styles

2. Mainstream backpack styles

2.1 Retro style

UK, and USA applies. Especially in the wet and rainy UK, backpacks made of tumbled fur or waterproof fabrics are very popular. They often use a rucksack, roll-top backpack.

Retro backpack style
Retro backpack style

2.2 Transparent style

These backpacks are usually made of transparent materials, using fabrics that are not actually fabric, but synthetic materials such as rubber. Some users will put some good-looking items in the clear backpack, which can bring out the beauty of the clear backpack even more.

In addition, the clear backpack allows users to see their belongings more clearly, which makes them easier to pick up.

Clear backpack style
Clear backpack style

2.3 Business style

Business backpacks are mainly laptop backpacks and travel backpacks, they are square in shape and formal in style, suitable for the workplace, daily commuting, and flight purposes. If you don’t know what kind of backpack to purchase, choosing this style will never be a mistake, because it will be popular for at least another few decades.

Business backpack style
Business backpack style

2.4 School style

Users are mainly students, and the bright colors of these bags, usually in three or more color combinations, are conducive to young people expressing their individuality.

School backpack style
School backpack style

2.5 Mini style

This backpack style is mainly expressed in its size, which is small and can only hold up to cell phones, keys and cards, and other belongings. Most of the users are women. In the face of a street full of handbags, mini style can certainly make you amazed.

Mini backpack style
Mini backpack style

2.6 Knapsack

This is a classic backpack that originated in Germany and is an old military backpack. Unlike modern tactical backpacks and crossbow backpacks, the knapsack’s fabric is mostly rough-textured leather and the color is mostly brown or light curry.


2.7 Outdoor & hiking style

The fabric of this kind of backpack focuses on performance, requiring waterproof, lightweight, wear-resistant, etc. The requirements for fashion are not high, but this professional functional backpack has formed its unique style. In the United States, there are many outdoor sports enthusiasts, so this backpack style is very marketable in the United States.

Outdoor hiking backpack style
Outdoor hiking backpack style

3. Backpack style trend in 2022

3.1 Avocado Backpack

Fresh colors and cute patterns will be liked by young people. There are many similar styles, such as pineapple, strawberry, watermelon, and other patterns.

Avocado backpack style
Avocado backpack style

3.2 Colored backpack

The colored backpack style is a combination of no more than 3 colors stitched together to create a visual impact. You can refer to the Pantone color card to choose some color matching. Such as the popular Morandi color scheme, different color schemes will bring different feelings to the user.

Colored backpack style
Colored backpack style

3.3 Roll-top backpack

The roll-top backpack has a large opening and expandable capacity, so citizens will appreciate this easy-to-use backpack when commuting. If the user is not a professional outdoor enthusiast, then a roll-top backpack can meet all his needs: commuting, traveling, hiking.

If you would like to learn more about future trends, please contact us.

Roll top backpack style
Roll-top backpack style

4. The main factors that determine the backpack style 

The backpack style is mainly determined by the fabric, the texture of the fabric directly affects the appearance of the backpack, giving a different feeling. Such cases are often seen in the clothing industry: for example, Burberry’s trench coat is made of waterproof fabric with an oily texture, giving it a rugged and manly feel.

Why backpack styles are decided by material
Movie The Gentlemen

The second is the choice of color. Color affects the mood, such as red to make people excited, blue to make people calm.

Color affects mood
Color affects mood

5. Why you need to know about backpack styles

Honeyoung Bag, as a backpack manufacturer with decades of experience, has heard many painful experiences from our customers who chose to order a large batch of outdated backpacks because they didn’t know the style of backpacks themselves. For example, one of our friends once ignored the British dressing aesthetics and climate when opening a new market in the UK, and had to sell a large batch of products at a low price.

6. How to choose the right backpack style according to your target market?

The choice is based on the country’s culture, climate, usage habits, etc. Customers with a limited budget or targeting a specific market, such as those specializing in UNICEF backpacks, will find it much easier to choose.

It can be customized to meet the needs of the customer. Honeyoung Bag has enough experience and confidence to make sure our solution is the right one.

7. Does the backpack style affect the cost?

To some extent it does. After all, the good texture of the fabric and the high quality of the printing is going to increase the cost. But these are acceptable to most customers compared to the premium price of the brand itself. By ordering a better backpack, you can also sell it for a higher price and thus make more profit. No matter what you choose, we always offer the most competitive prices.

Backpack material
Backpack material


Choosing the right backpack style according to market demand means that a substantial profit is already halfway there. Want to know what’s selling in your market or country? Ask us and we’ll answer your questions and provide professional solutions.

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