Top 18 Backpack Manufacturers In The USA

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Today, we have compiled this collection of the 18 best US-based backpack manufacturers and given them a ranking order.
Millions of backpacks are produced in the US every year and although this number is even larger in countries like China, for individual retailers and small organisations in the US, local backpack manufacturer has a unique advantage. If you want to know more about the manufacturers, read this.

1. Jansport

JanSport Logo

Time of establishment: 1967

Jansport is a popular backpack manufacturer and one of the subsidiaries of VF Group. Founded in 1967 and named after its founder Jan Lewis, Jansport products are particularly popular with students.

History: In an era of individuality and energy, three young men living in Washington State came together to start Jansport, an outdoor enthusiast, engineer and tailor. Founder Murray asked his girlfriend Jan to design a backpack pattern for his new aluminum frame and promised her that if it worked, he would name the company after her. He did, and the JanSport brand was born.

Target Market: Jansport has been dedicated to producing outdoor backpacks, which is their specialty. You can always trust Jansport’s outdoor products, which are very professional because their founder is a veteran outdoor sports enthusiast.
Until one day, students at the University of Washington began to popularize the use of Jansport hiking bags to carry their books, and the school backpack was born.

JanSport backpack manufacturer
JanSport backpack manufacturer
JanSport backpack manufacturer
JanSport founder Skip Yowell

Address: Greenwood Village, Colorado

Main products: Backpack, crossbody bag, duffle bag.

Company turnover: $53.4M

Number of employees: 213 Employees

JanSport main products


Mystery Ranch Logo

Time of establishment: 2000

MYSTERY RANCH is favored by users all over the world. Their products can minimize the burden on your back. They have backpack products for soldiers, firefighters, hunters and mountain climbers.MYSTERY RANCH has been established for more than 20 years and is a long-established backpack manufacturer with a worldwide reputation.

Mystery Ranch Founder Dana Gleason

History: Born in Montana since 2000, MYSTERY RANCH founders Dana Gleason and Renée Sippel-Baker, with many years of experience, are working hard to achieve their goal of making backpacks stronger, more durable, and more flexible, but most importantly, comfortable.

Target market: MYSTERY RANCH targets a wide variety of customers, each very specific, but they have one thing in common: they have high demands on backpacks. They are soldiers, firefighters, hunters, skiers, and even Navy SEALs. MYSTERY RANCH is open to adventure and new things. They love the outdoor pastime of the weekend. Grab your backpack and get going.

Address: 1750 Evergreen Drive Bozeman, MT 59715

Main products: Mountaineering backpack, tactical backpack, hunting backpack

Mystery Ranch workshop

Company turnover: $27.2M

Number of Employees: 120 Employees

Mystery Ranch main products

3. Ogio

Ogio logo

Time of establishment: 1987

While there are thousands of brands and tens of thousands of products that can be used to help you carry your belongings to the great outdoors and back. But for those who live an active lifestyle, don’t just want to fit in with the crowd, aren’t afraid to make a statement, aren’t afraid to express themselves, and don’t care what others think, Ogio is a maverick brand.

Ogio founder Michael J. Pratt

History: Thirty years ago, founder Michael J. Pratt developed a sports tote bag that became very famous on the golf course. He redesigned the top opening of the golf bag from scratch to make it easier to access.

Target Market: Ogio is also a participant in skateboarding, motocross and BMX, including sponsoring teams of riders in all three sports. It also has an extensive line of backpacks and work bags, as well as company founded sports bags. ogio has been actively involved in the development and production of sporting backpacks, as well as sponsoring cycling races.

Address: OGIO International 2180 Rutherford Road Carlsbad, CA 92008

Main products: Head cover, laptop bag, can cooler.

Company turnover: $9M

Number of Employees: 45 Employees

Ogio main products

4. Jack Wolfskin

Jack Wolfskin logo

Time of establishment: 1981

Among the many highly acclaimed backpack manufacturers of backpacking brands, it’s hard to ignore Jack Wolfskin, the German-based backpack manufacturer of outdoor clothing and equipment founded in 1981 and today one of the world’s largest suppliers of outdoor products. They have a wide range of products that can be used for both everyday occasions and outdoor sports.

Jack Wolfskin CEO

HIstory: Jack Wolfskin was founded and sold to Johnson Outdoors in 1991, and until they opened their own store, Jack Wolfskin only supplied specialty stores. As of today, there are over 600 Jack Wolfskin stores worldwide.
Jack Wolfskin used to sponsor the English soccer club Liverpool Football Club, and in order to increase their exposure in the UK.

Target market: Jack Wolfskin’s main target customers are outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy doing all kinds of activities in the outdoors and taking part in trips with an element of adventure, and Jack Wolfskin has customers all over the world.

Address: Jack Wolfskin Kreisel 1 Idstein, D-65510 Germany

Main products: Outdoor clothing, outdoor backpacks, sporting goods

Company turnover: $165.6M

Number of empolyees: 581 Employees

Jack Wolfskin bags

5. Deuter

Deuter logo

Time of establishment: 1898

The backpack manufacturer was founded in 1898, and in World War I they produced items for the military, such as tents, belts and backpacks.
In 1968, they created the first nylon backpack.
They have been supplying sports equipment and duffle bags for the German Olympic team.

Deuter founder: Hans Deuter

History: 1898, Hans Deuter established Deuter Sport. Beginning in the 1900s, Deuter Sport provided the Bavarian Royal Mail with blog post sacks and mail bags. The firm expanded in 1905 from generating bed linen weaving, sackcloth, products, equine as well as automobile blankets to likewise consist of a department that used tent services. In 1910, there was a high need for items from the armed force. Deuter Sport started manufacturing pouches, backpacks, knapsacks, belts, mess tents and store tents for the armed force. Beginning in 1919, Deuter Sport broadened once again as well as began manufacturing travel suitcases, backpacks, outdoors tents, as well as truck covers. Currently, the requirements of the outdoor tents rental area of the company exceeds its 10,000 sq meter area. It is had because 2006 by Schwan-Stabilo.

Target Market: Deuter’s product category is never limited to a certain category, they produce a wide variety of backpacks, such as trolley bag, skiing bag, hiking backpack and hip bag.
Deuter’s products are also sold all over the world, and their products have a very everyday style, suitable for students, office workers and ordinary people on weekend trips.

Address: 1200 South Fordham Street Suite C Longmont, CO 80503 USA

Main products: HIking backpack, skiing backpack, hip bag, duffle bag.

Company turnover: $17.9M

Number of empolyees: 79 Employees

Deuter main products

6. Mountainsmith

Mountainsmith logo

Time of establishment: 1979

Mountainsmith celebrated his 40th anniversary in 2019. The backpack manufacturer was founded in 1979 in Colorado. It is a backpack manufacturer that truly designs products with the user in mind. mountainsmith has a deep connection to the snowy mountains, which makes their products exceptionally strong and durable.

History: Mountainsmith’s first product was a sled. Soon after, they received their first patent for a fanny pack and were actively looking for a new way to carry their equipment. the Delta Load Compression was born, an innovative design that evenly transfers the weight inside the pack away from the shoulders, allowing for heavier loads with less stress on the body.

Target Market: Mountainsmith is also a backpack manufacturer with a bias towards outdoor climbing, so his customers are mainly people with camping and climbing interests. They have also pioneered lighter weight everyday backpacks that have been well received by their fans.

Address: Golden, CO 80401, 908 12th St

Main products: backpack, tent, cooler bag

Company turnover: $16,183,000

Number of empolyees: 27 Employees

Mountainsmith main products

7. Matein

Matein logo
Matein logo

Time of establishment: 2014

Matein offers the best quality backpacks at the most reasonable prices so that everyone can buy the right backpack for them, and they create products that inspire people and encourage them to explore and create. To date, Matein has sold over one million backpacks worldwide and you can see many people carrying Matein backpacks in schools, on the road and in airports. It’s not just a backpack manufacturer, it’s a company that encourages people to get out and explore a better world.

History: A chance encounter led them to create their own brand: Mike and Tom sat in a coffee shop discussing the experience of losing their passports and decided to create their own brand of backpacks. They introduced the concept of anti-theft into their backpack design, and a few months later, they applied the USB charging port to their backpack. At that time, it was still made by a reliable manufacturer in China. In less than six months, Matein entered Amazon to sell their products and quickly received positive feedback from customers.

Target Market: Matein has many products, such as laptop backpacks, lunch bags, tote bags, baseball bags, makeup bags, etc. Their products are sold not only in offline stores, but also in e-commerce platforms such as Amazon.

Address: Pomona, California

Main products: Laptop bag, lunch cooler, sports bag.

Company turnover: $5 million

Number of employees: 25 employees

Matein main products
Matein main products

8. CiloGear

CiloGear logo
CiloGear logo

Time of establishment: 2004

CiloGear has very rich experience in snow mountain equipment. Both the backpacking products and the accessories have excellent quality and rich details.

Graham Williams of CiloGear
Graham Williams: founder of CiloGear

History: In 2004, Williams founded the brand in Turkey with the intention of producing backpacks there for sale in the United States. Unfortunately, the trade war eventually interrupted his plans and he decided to move all his operations to the U.S., first to Brooklyn and finally to Portland in 2008.

Address: 6635 N. Baltimore Ave. Suite 238 Portland, Oregon, USA 97203

Main products: Outdoor backpack, ski backpack, bag accessories.

CiloGear main products
CiloGear main products

Company turnover: <$5 Million

Number of employees: 2-10 employees

9. Rickshawbags

Rickshaw bags logo
Rickshaw bags logo

Time of establishment: 2007

In 2002, the founder of Rickshaw bags gave up his high-tech career and moved from Silicon Valley to San Francisco to run a messenger bag company. A few years later, he sold that company and founded Rickshaw in 2007. Today, Rickshaw is a team of about a dozen people working out of a small warehouse in a historic San Francisco neighborhood. Inspired by urban transportation, our products are known for their easy-to-use design and scientific construction.

Rickshaw bags founder
Rickshaw bags founder Mark Dwight

Address: 904 22nd St, San Francisco, CA 94107

Main products: Backpack, messenger bag, laptop bag.

Rickshaw bags main products
Rickshaw bags main products
Rickshaw bags factory
Rickshaw bags factory

Company turnover: $5.0-25M

Number of employees: 25-100 employees

10. Bag manufacturer USA

Bag manufacturer USA logo
Bag manufacturer USA logo

They are one of the best backpack manufacturers in the United States and have become the first choice for business owners and retailers who need to organize store inventory of bags and bags. As one of the leading manufacturers of high quality luggage, they have a wide range of products designed for retailers and distributors.

It has come a long way as a manufacturing hub and now has manufacturing units in every corner of the globe. Each Bag Manufacturer USA product is made by professional staff and renowned designers. Each product has a certain sense of pantry and conforms to the latest styles and trends in the industry. They design, customize and manufacture high-quality children’s, men’s and women’s bags through their vast network and various licensing agreements.

Address: Penthouse, 8730 Wilshire Blvd, Beverly Hills, California 90210, USA

Bag manufacturer USA main product
Bag manufacturer USA main products

11. Oasis Bags

Oasis Bags logo
Oasis Bags logo

Time of establishment: 2004

Oasis Bags has become one of the premier backpack manufacturer companies and suppliers with a large inventory of durable, versatile and highly rated looking bags. As a renowned backpack manufacturer and supplier in the USA, Canada, Australia and the UAE, they impress our customers with our wide range of products and services.

Oasis Bags is a trusted name in the bag manufacturing industry. Established in 2004, the company has established itself worldwide through beautiful bags that meet functional and fashion requirements. The bulk bag manufacturer has made a name for itself with services such as customised and free delivery of bulk bags worldwide. The extensive stock includes men’s, women’s and children’s bags, providing a further edge over competitors. If bags are a primary concern, Oasis Bags is a name to consider.

With over 4,000 sample products, Oasis continues to grow its range and has over 25,000 customers in the USA, Australia and around the world.

Address: Penthouse, 8730 Wilshire Blvd, Beverly Hills California 90210, USA

Main products: Gym bag, trolley bag, backpack

Oasis Bags main products
Oasis Bags main products

12. Western Textile

Time of establishment: 1919

Western Textile & Manufacturing, Inc was founded in 1919 and they have been a leader in the textile bag industry. They are located in the city of San Francisco. All of their products are manufactured and assembled right here in the USA, including the organic cotton used as a raw material, which is also grown in the USA. They are a purely American backpack manufacturer.

Address: 1750 Bridgeway, Suite B207 Sausalito, CA 94965

Main products: Tote bag, backpack, shopping bag

Western Textile main products
Western Textile main products

Company turnover: <$5 Million

Number of employees: <25 Employees


Time of establishment: 1985

BAGS USA MFG was established in 1985 to provide the highest quality products to a diverse customer base. That’s why they supply football, basketball, swimming, cheerleading, dance, hockey and football teams, disaster relief, medical, corporate and government organisations. Because all of their bags are made on site, they can offer any style, colour and size that the customer needs. They are truly a backpack manufacturer, not a retailer.

Address: 16562 Gothard St # I, Huntington Beach, CA 92647

Main products: Backpack, camera bag, sling bag

BAGS USA MFG main products
BAGS USA MFG main products

Company turnover: <$5 Million

Number of employees: <25 Employees

14. Mountain Hardwear

Mountain Hardwear logo
Mountain Hardwear logo

Time of establishment: 1993

This backpack manufacturer’s products are not limited to backpacks, but mainly produce outdoor sports clothing and products. They believe that everyone who enjoys the outdoors is an outdoorsman, whether you are a professional mountaineer or a weekend hiker, they are eager for you to have a better experience in the outdoors. founded in 1993, Mountain Hardwear has successfully carved out its own market by bravely focusing on industry opportunities and swimming against the tide.

Address: 1414 Harbour Way South, Richmond, CA 94804

Main products: Backpack, sports clothing.

Mountain Hardwear main products
Mountain Hardwear main products

Company turnover: $24 Million

Number of employees: 123 Employees

15. Cut&Stitch

Cut&Stitch logo
Cut&Stitch logo

Cut and Stitch is a bag manufacturer in New York.

Address: 366 5th Avenue, New York, NY, 10001

Main products: tote bag, sling bag, leather bag

Cut&Stitch main products
Cut&Stitch main products

Company turnover: <$5 Million

Number of employees: <25 Employees

16. Sandast Inc

Sandast Inc logo
Sandast Inc logo

This is an American backpack manufacturer that specialises in making leather bag products and has its own take on bespoke products, so if you are looking for a manufacturer that will accept small quantities of products, consider this.

Address: 3523 W Olympic Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90019

Company turnover: <$5 Million

Number of employees: <25 Employees

17. Last Us Bag Co

Last Us Bag logo
Last Us Bag logo

Time of establishment: 1992

This backpack manufacturer is based in Washington State and is very good at producing small orders.

Address: 3000 Columbia House Blvd #114, Vancouver, WA 98661

Main products: Clothing, backpack.

Last Us Bag main products
Last Us Bag main products

Company turnover: $7 Million

Number of employees: 29 employees

18. Bearse USA

Bearse USA logo
Bearse USA logo

Time of establishment: 1921

Bearse USA is a backpack manufacturer that focuses on producing military and outdoor tactical items. Their products are mainly tactical backpacks, suitcases and other customised bags.

Address: 3815 W. Cortland St. Chicago, IL 60647 USA

Main products: tactical backpack, cooler bag, shopping tote bag.

Bearse USA main products
Bearse USA main products

Company turnover: $17 Million

Number of employees: 92 Employees

If you are looking for a backpack manufacturer that specialises in mass production, then we suggest you consider a Chinese backpack manufacturer as the prices are cheaper yet the quality is good. Larger quantity orders are difficult to fill in the USA at short notice as labour costs in the USA are quite expensive.
Contact us and we will provide you with a sourcing solution to suit your needs.

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