Top 10 Custom Backpack Color Trend For 2023

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In this article we focus on 10 colours that are likely to be popular in 2023 and the use of colour trends in the backpack industry. If you are interested, you can read this article carefully and you will find the answers you are looking for.

1. What are color trends?

Colour trends are the colours that are likely to be popular each year, either in specific colours or in a category of colours. Of course, the colours that are popular in each industry are likely to be different, and some are popular patterns, but they are all similar.

Colour trends are just a form of the forecast, a reasonable prediction made in conjunction with authoritative websites or previous years’ colour trends. It has also been said that fashion is a cycle, and this applies to colour as one of the elements of fashion. If you want to learn more about colour collocation, please see here. You’ll see what those colours look like on custom backpacks.

Color trend 2023
Color trend 2023

2. Custom Backpack Colour trends

2.1 Amazon


Amazon looks fertile and down-to-earth, like the broad leaves of a rainforest, giving an honest impression. Amazon also stands for environmental protection and health.

Amazon green backpack
Amazon green backpack

2.2 Orange Tiger

Orange Tiger

A dominant colour, as dominant as an oriental lion. The orange colour gives the impression of being very energetic and represents abundant energy. Less well-known is the fact that orange also represents whimsicality.

Orange Tiger backpack
Orange Tiger backpack

2.3 Samoan Sun

Samoan Sun

The warm and optimistic Samoan people of the Pacific South are not depressed by their near-isolation, but rather by their hospitality, and this is how Samoan Sun infects our mood.

Samoan Sun backpack
Samoan Sun backpack

2.4 Lava Falls

Lava Falls

Lava Falls is as captivating and passionate as a beautiful woman in a red evening dress. Red is one of the most passionate colours, representing fervour, passion and even impulsiveness.

Lava Falls backpack
Lava Falls backpack

2.5 Nosegay


A gentle and elegant goddess, like a fragrant pink flower that teases your every sense. Pink symbolises a sweet, gentle and innocent woman with a desire for love.

Nosegay backpack

2.6 Polar Night

Polar Night

Polar night is a view that most people on earth would like to see – after all, we can’t easily go to the poles of the earth – and Polar night perfectly expresses the designer’s vision of the polar night. The colour gives a dignified, cool atmosphere. It is ideal for use in business situations.

Polar Night backpack
Polar Night backpack

2.7 Chiseled Stone

Chiseled Stone

Close to the colour and texture of concrete, Chiseled stone has the same subdued texture as Polar night, but with an extra touch of style, so if you don’t want a product that is too obviously biased, it might be better to choose this colour to be able to be versatile for more occasions.

Chiseled Stone backpack
Chiseled Stone backpack

2.8 Autumn Blonde

Autumn Blonde

Although I prefer Sunset Orange, it’s a bit too ‘classic’. This is the Autumn Blonde, a colour that makes women look younger and is one of the most common colours in the hairdressing industry.

Autumn Blonde bag
Autumn Blonde bag

2.9 Loden Frost

Loden Frost

To see this colour is to feel soothing and restorative it brings to the soul. Perhaps the earth is in need of this, to remind us to care for it.

Loden Frost backpack
Loden Frost backpack

2.10 Arctic Wolf

Arctic Wolf

Like Polar Night, these are not things that are accessible on a daily basis, but they do have one thing in common: beauty. Like the dire wolf in Game of Thrones, they are the embodiment of power and beauty.

3. Why do we need to predict colour trends?

For custom backpack manufacturers, knowing what colours have been, are and will be popular in the future can be a great help to our business. In other words: a qualified custom backpack manufacturer can offer the most professional and reliable colour matching advice when a customer is unsure of what to do, or when they are first starting out in the wholesale business.

This is equally important for custom backpack buyers, as you can’t expect every custom backpack supplier to be as honest and professional as Honeyoung Bag, so it’s essential to have a considerable knowledge base of your own. If he has it and you don’t, you’ll quickly fall behind. So, why not take some time to learn about colour trends?

4. Are colour trends always accurate?

Mostly yes.

Although it cannot be said to be 100 percent accurate. Predictions of colour trends are long past the point of some authority slapping an idea around in a boardroom.

In today’s information age, we have habitually embraced the power of data, with which you can analyze history, record the present and ultimately predict the future. This powerful application has instantly swept the fashion world, with more and more companies learning how to combine product design with AI technology, as it has greatly improved efficiency and significantly improved the rate of getting it right.

5. How do I choose a colour?

Some types of custom backpacks are not sensitive to colour matching. The most common is the laptop backpack, as these are usually only available in black and grey, or other dark colours.

The kid’s backpack and school backpack are as bright and trendy as possible to show off the personality of the young user.

The cooler bag and duffle bag are the closest colour options to the woman’s handbag, so it’s not a problem to copy them.

For fast-moving items like promotional bags, drawstring backpacks, or backpacks for marketing purposes, then there is no need to consider the colour, it is entirely up to the customer’s specific requirements.

6. Does the choice of colour have an impact on the cost of the product?

Generally speaking, the impact is minor. The difference in price for a single colour fabric will not be significant unless there is a mix of colours.

It is wise to decide on the colours according to the target market or group of users of the backpack. Although the increase in costs will lead to lower profits, the loss of product stagnation is far greater than the reduction in gross profit. Products that are sold at thin margins are the only way to make a lasting profit.

7. How do I finalise the colour scheme of my custom backpack?

After reading the above text, if you are still unsure of what colour scheme to choose for your product, that’s okay. As a deep-rooted supplier of backpacks for many years, Honeyoung Bag will provide you with hundreds of popular colour schemes. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have a requirement.

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