Top 10 Custom Backpacks Suppliers in The UK

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It is easy to understand why more and more brands are using customized products to expand their influence. Using personalized items is a very effective way to improve brand awareness. The customized backpack is a very practical gift. If you want to know some custom backpack suppliers in the UK, I hope this article can provide you with some help. If you want to buy promotional backpacks in large quantities, please click here.

Top 10 Custom Backpacks in UK
Top 10 Custom Backpacks in the UK

1. Rocket Bags

Rocket Bags Logo
Rocket Bags Logo

For more than 30 years, rocket bags has been making promotional bags for large and small enterprises in the UK. They are an excellent company that custom backpacks in the UK. Last year, their company produced more than 350000 bags for many well-known brands. As a company with ISO9001 quality certification, they can provide excellent and reliable customized bag guidance and services.

Their company offers a large range of brand Stock bags in the UK. Customers can choose from tens of thousands of promotional bags, including once-popular handbags, backpacks, luggage bags, various environmental protection bags, shopping bags, and shoulder bags. Their company will provide a special account manager for each customer to communicate with.

The account manager will work with the customer to understand the details of the backpack that the customer wants to create and provide suggestions on the manufacture of the backpack within the customer’s budget. Their company provides sample services. Start production after the customer is satisfied.

Customized Bag Types: Backpack, handbag, environmental protection bag, drawstring bag, cosmetic bag, lunch bag, beach bag, etc.

Purchase Advantages: The company has rich experience, and every detail of the backpack can be customized according to needs.

Purchase Disadvantages: Sample confirmation service is provided, but a certain fee will be charged.

Address:7a Regis Road, London, England NW5 3EW, GB

Tel:0333 7000 133

Logo Customized: Yes

Price Example: The minimum order quantity of backpacks in the first picture is 11, and the price starts from 34.22 pounds (no logo).

MOQ: Usually the minimum order quantity is 300-500, but this number will vary according to different customized backpacks.

2. Shirtworks

Shirtworks Logo
Shirtworks Logo

Shirtworks, founded in 1986, is one of the oldest T-shirt printers in the UK. In the early 1980s, the founder of Shirtworks sold T-shirts to Oxford University Students and passers-by at a stall in the jam factory Market in downtown Oxford. At that time, their marketing plan was to first screen print and print the design on the T-shirt, then transport it to Oxford University by an old bicycle with a wicker basket, and then sell it to tourists.

In 1990, they first purchased an eight-color automatic printing machine, which greatly increased their production speed.

After years of development, their products have been sold to five continents by 2020, and they have cooperative relations with many well-known social brands. Now their company’s product range has been expanded, in addition to T-shirts, there are sportswear, hats, children’s wear, suits and so on. Now they also custom backpacks in the UK.

Their company has more than 45 backpacks available in various sizes. From fashionable children’s backpacks to 30-liter large backpacks, and all sizes in between. Their personalized backpacks come in more than 20 different colors and styles, suitable for any occasion. Customers can customize the logo with their unique design, image, name, or logo. At Shirtworks, the best way to personalize your backpack depends on the material of your choice. Most backpacks can use screen printing and embroidery, but some backpacks may only be suitable for embroidery.

Customized Bag Types: Handbag, bucket bag, backpack, luggage bag, Messenger Bag, wallet, waist bag, etc.

Purchase Advantages: The product delivery speed is fast.

Purchase Disadvantages: The custom backpacks in the UK are mainly the logo part, and the material and style cannot be changed.

Address:5 Ferry Mills, Osney Mead, Oxford, OX2 0ES

Tel:0800 072 5334

Logo Customized: Yes

Price Example: The backpack in the first picture starts from £ 10.29 (no logo).

MOQ: The minimum order quantity of products with different printing methods varies.

3. Doodletogs

Doodletogs Logo
Doodletogs Logo

Doodlelogs was founded in 2013. Its purpose is to change the old, traditional and boring T-shirt printing method and turn it into a simple, relaxed, and pleasant process.

After months of discussion, their company has designed and developed some very useful software to make the design simple. They release it to those who need it most, including individuals, teams, and charities. So that these people can quickly design and order T-shirts without a minimum order quantity. Orders began to come in a steady stream, so Doodlelogs established a website to facilitate customers to place orders.

Doodlelogs helps customers turn design into reality and create beautiful memories. Doodlelogs has a wide range of products, including T-shirts, sportswear, backpacks, hats, cups, pet clothing, kitchen supplies, and so on. Customers can upload logos or use the company’s artwork to create designs and customize their unique brand products.

Promotional products with brand logos are a good way to promote brand awareness. Doodlelogs has no minimum order policy, so it is very convenient for customers to place orders. Promotional products are very suitable as gifts at exhibitions or other activities. Everyone likes gifts.

Customized Bag Types: Backpack, handbag, drawstring bag, lunch bag, pencil bag, Messenger Bag, waist bag, etc.

Purchase Advantages: It can provide ultra-fast printing and deliver goods within three days at the fastest.

Purchase Disadvantages: The custom backpacks in the UK are mainly the logo part, and the material and style cannot be changed.

Address: Unknow

Tel: Unknown

Logo Customized: Yes

Price Example: The backpack in the first picture starts from 20.99 pounds (no logo).

MOQ: From 1 piece

4. Allbrandeded

Allbranded Logo
Allbranded Logo

Allbranded is an online B2B company dedicated to bringing a positive impact to customers’ brands. Allbrandeded is one of the largest e-commerce promotional product retailers. They can help customers with custom backpacks in the UK. Their company has more than 50000 products in stock.

Since 2011, Allbrandeded has been demonstrating how smart it is to use promotional products. With intuitive product configuration, Allbrandeded’s online store makes the ordering process simple. They provide comprehensive customer service with a personal hotline and interactive Internet chat.

Allbranded is headquartered in Hamburg, Germany, but it has successfully operated in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and France. Allbrandeded entered the UK market in May 2016. Since then, the company has been conducting business exchanges with small and large organizations.

Allbranded offers a wide range of corporate gifts, including office supplies, cups, lighters, bags, scarves, umbrellas, water bottles, kitchenware, household products, etc. Allbrandeded said that the most popular products were pens, notebooks, mugs, handbags, personalized backpacks, and clothing.

Customized Bag Types: Backpack, handbag, lunch bag, drawstring bag, travel bag, wash bag, etc.

Purchase Advantages: Free shipping for orders over £ 300.

Purchase Disadvantages: The custom backpacks in the UK are mainly the logo part, and the material and style cannot be changed.

Address:284/B Battersea Park Road

Tel:0800 085 6660

Logo Customized: Yes

Price Example: The backpack in the first picture starts at 22.64 pounds (no logo).

MOQ: From 1 piece

5. Supreme Creations

Supreme Creations Logo
Supreme Creations Logo

Supreme Creations was established in 1999 with its registered office in London. It is a big company that custom backpacks in the UK. They have wholly-owned factories in London headquarters and Pondicherry. They use high-quality inks to screen print eco-friendly textiles (Drawstring Bags, product packaging, aprons, gunny bags, tea towels, and canvas handbags).

For more than 20 years, they have been manufacturers specializing in reusable bags, eco packaging, and promotional products. The partners of their company have been recognized and certified by many people, from independent farm stores to large-scale transnational activities and retailers, from the fair trade foundation to SEDEX (moral data exchange supplier). In 2009, they won the prince of walls business in the Community Award.

The products produced by Supreme Creations are reusable. They do not produce disposable products. They adhere to the concept of reducing the use of disposable products harmful to the environment. Their fair trade factory uses environmentally friendly and r.e.a.c.h compliant ink and dyes print designs. They can provide vegan, fair trade, and gots certified organic fabrics.

Their brand of cotton canvas bags are environmentally friendly alternatives to plastic bags. Handbags can be made of various materials, such as cotton or linen. All products can carry customers’ unique designs or logos. Handbags are a great way to promote business development. They come in a variety of styles, from light 5-ounce cotton shopping bags to heavy canvas shopping bags. Whether customers want non-branded handbags or fully customized screen-printed bags, their company can meet their needs.

Supreme Creations has a complete supply chain, so it has complete creative control over the manufacturing industry. Their company can fulfill any aspect of customer needs for customization, such as size, color, personalized label, handle, pocket, etc.

Customized Bag Types: Drawstring Bags, cosmetic bags, wallets, shopping bags, etc.

Purchase Advantages: You can customize all the details of the bag.

Purchase Disadvantages: There are a few kinds of bags.

Address: Supreme House, 12 Iron Bridge Close, London, NW10 0UF

Tel:+44 (0) 208 459 3260

Logo Customized: Yes

Price Example: The handbag in the first picture starts from £ 1.20 (no logo).

MOQ: From 15 piece

6. MC Products UK Ltd

MC Products UK Ltd Logo
MC Products UK Ltd Logo

MC Products UK Ltd was initially established in 1986 and later in 2006. It is a family business headquartered in Merseyside, specializing in transportation products.

Thirty years later, MC Products UK Ltd has become a mature enterprise providing design and manufacturing services for police, ambulance, fire protection, NHS, and other government departments and service agencies. Their portfolio also includes many leading brands and private companies.

MC Products UK Ltd is one of the companies with UK design and manufacturing plants, developing and purchasing a range of products. The product range includes bags, luggage and canvas bags, thermal and cooler transport solutions, equipment covers, and supports. If customers need to solve problems related to carrying, covering, fixing, or wearing bags, their design and manufacturing team will assist. They can custom backpacks in the UK.

The customization and personalization of MC products UK Ltd’s clothing, bags, and equipment are carried out in the bag manufacturing and clothing design factory in the UK. The clothing product line includes highly visual customized safety equipment vests and personalized labels. The personalized backpack series includes a soft bag, backpack, medical bag, and cooling bag. They also produce smartphone and PDA covers and custom-designed foam inserts.

The design team of MC products UK Ltd has rich experience in meeting customer requirements, and the production quality of bag-making and garment factories is excellent.

Customized Bag Types: Tool kit, combat backpack, water replenishment bag, patrol bag, medical bag, waist bag, mobile phone bag, etc.

Purchase Advantages: Some details of the backpack can be customized.

Purchase Disadvantages: The company’s main bag business is for the police.

Address: Units 1 & 2 The Yardley Centre, Yardley Road, Knowsley Ind Park(North), Merseyside, L33 7SS

Tel:+44 (0)151 548 0144

Logo Customized: Yes

Price Example: The combat backpack in the first picture starts from 31.99 pounds (no logo).

MOQ: Unknown

7. Contrado

Contrado Imaging Ltd Logo
Contrado Imaging Ltd Logo

Contrado Imaging Ltd, a London-based company, was founded in 2002 and started in the kitchen of our founders Chris and Fran. Contrado means “co-creation and delivery”. Contrado Imaging Ltd focuses on manufacturing high-quality customized products on demand.

This service enables creative personnel to sell works of art, build brands, provide unique products, and allow consumers to find exclusive designer products of excellent quality. A series of high-quality products from household products to fashion bags are printed with original designs. Each product is handmade in a one-stop production workshop according to orders within 24 hours.

The growth of Contrado Imaging Ltd is driven by a passion for creating products. All products are developed in-house and launched through Contrado’s global system. Contrado Imaging Ltd is constantly growing and learning to provide better services and higher quality products. They can custom backpacks in the UK.

In 2003, Contrado imaging Ltd began to design and sell handbags. In 2004, it realized digital printing and manufacturing. Then Contrado imaging Ltd began to expand its product range, such as wall art, cushion, bedding, etc. In 2008, the factory facilities were rebuilt for product development. In 2009, the company launched an international website and sub-brands to provide on-demand production for global product distribution. By 2020, Contrado Imaging Ltd has more than 300 employees.

Customized Bag Types: Backpacks, wallets, handbags, messenger bags, shopping bags, wash bags, etc.

Purchase Advantages: Unique print design.

Purchase Disadvantages: The custom backpacks in the UK are mainly the logo part, and the material and style cannot be changed.

Address: Unit 7 Space Business Park Abbey Road, Park Royal London NW10 7SU

Tel:07446 883286

Logo Customized: Yes

Price Example: The backpack in the first picture starts at 150 pounds (no logo).

MOQ: Unknown

8. Action Promote

Action Promote Logo
Action Promote Logo

Action Promote, is a creative brand commodity company. They creatively use promotional products to help promote customers’ brands or activities, whether it is a simple notebook and pen, or a unique square water bottle. Action Promote has a wide range of products, including bags, mugs, brand environmental protection products, golf accessories, pens, travel accessories, etc.

The Action Promote team is keen to provide popular promotional products and turn ideas into reality. They are committed to creating cost-effective solutions for promotional products, turning customers’ visions into reality, and enhancing brand influence and competitiveness.

Action Promote provides comprehensive services for creative marketing solutions. They have an online sales system that makes purchasing easier. Their company’s services range from product procurement and the creation of original one-time designs to internal print management and warehouse storage for rapid delivery. Action Promote has experienced and imaginative consultants who are ready to serve.

Action Promote has been printing at Burgess Hill since 1975. From long-edition printing of thousands of pamphlets to small-batch business cards, Action Promote has the experience and equipment to provide high-quality printed materials. In terms of production, the professional team of Action Promote can also handle all printing requirements, from standard projects to professional printing finishing.

This in-house expertise means that the company has enough strength in this field to combine printing materials with commodities to have the greatest impact. They can custom backpacks in the UK.

Customized Bag Types: Lunch bag, ice bag, computer bag, sports backpack, kraft paper bag, wash bag, etc.

Purchase Advantages: Experienced in printing.

Purchase Disadvantages: The custom backpacks in the UK are mainly the logo part, and the material and style cannot be changed.

Address:63 Victoria Road, Victoria Business Park, Burgess Hill, West Sussex RH15 9LN

Tel:01444 257744

Logo Customized: Yes

Price Example: The price range of the backpack in the first picture is 20-49 pounds.

MOQ: The minimum order quantity of each product is different.

9. Fluid

Fluid Logo
Fluid Logo

Fluid has an experienced and highly professional team with offices in the UK, Ireland, and Europe to provide consistent high-quality promotional products. Fluid will provide creative guidance and innovative ideas to provide online solutions for customers’ needs and make their brands stand out.

Fluid has passed ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications and has specialized in in-house commodity consultants, art studios, system development, and product procurement. Fluid is a member of the UK promotional commodities Association and has won some awards.

Fluid is one of the first b-corp-certified commodity companies in the UK, which means that they have reached the highest standards in terms of social and environmental performance, public transparency and legal responsibility, and balancing profits and objectives. To put it more simply, this means that fluid uses business as a force for good, surpassing profits, and bringing a positive impact to mankind and the earth.

Fluid’s goal is to provide a superior customer experience driven by innovation, education, relevance, and quality. They hope that their products are not just “gifts”, but leave customers with a lasting and meaningful brand impression.

Fluid can custom backpacks in the UK. Their promotional bags come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from economy bags and shopping bags to premium leather suitcases. They will match the best promotional package according to the customer’s budget and brand.

Customized Bag Types: Backpack, trolley case, backpack, cosmetic bag, Drawstring Backpack, etc.

Purchase Advantages: There are many kinds of products.

Purchase Disadvantages: The custom backpacks in the UK are mainly the logo part, and the material and style cannot be changed.

Address: HQ,344-354 Grays Inn Road, London, WC1X 8BP,0207 781 8121

Tel:0345 634 2935

Logo Customized: Yes

Price Example: The backpack in the first picture starts from £ 26.93 (no logo).

MOQ: The minimum order quantity of each product is different.

10. Chameleon Designs

Chameleon Designs Logo
Chameleon Designs Logo

Chameleon Designs has more than 25 years of experience in the clothing decoration and supply industry and is committed to providing the most professional brand of clothing and goods for schools, clubs, charities, sports teams, associations, universities, and large and small companies in the UK. They have a variety of products, an excellent production team, and excellent customer service. Chameleon Designs helps customers create lasting and positive impressions and expand brand influence.

Chameleon Designs is one of Sussex’s leading suppliers of personalized clothing. Chameleon Designs has many years of experience in providing personalized clothing for enterprises, schools, organizations, and clubs in East Sussex, Brighton, Eastbourne and their surrounding areas. They provide the most comprehensive customized clothing in Sussex and have brand products from more than 100 industry-leading suppliers.

The chameleon design has an experienced internal team. The team assists with employee uniforms and requirements for several enterprises. When customers place orders, their employees track every step of the process. Before the start of production, one of their teams will first contact the customer to check whether the product is satisfactory and then proceed to the next step.

During the production process, we carry out a regular inspections to ensure that the correctly printed or embroidered products are completed and delivered on time. The staff handling orders are very skilled in the field of brand clothing. They will provide customers with high-quality finished products. Chameleon Designs aims to provide customers with the best service and quality and meet their needs for promotional products.

Customized Bag Types: Handbag, backpack, drawstring bag, school bag, shoe bag, etc.

Purchase Advantages: There is no freight charge in mainland England.

Purchase Disadvantages: The custom backpacks in the UK are mainly the logo part, and the material and style cannot be changed.

Address: Unit 8 and 9, Ringmer Business Centre, Chamberlain Lane, Ringmer, East Sussex, BN8 5NF

Tel:01273 814 300

Logo Customized: Yes

Price Example: The backpack in the first picture starts at 35.38 pounds.

MOQ: Unknown

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