The Ultimate PVC Bag FAQ Guide

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1. What is PVC bag?

PVC bags are made up of a solid form of polyvinyl chloride that is highly sturdy. Their manufacturing material is very versatile as well as can be offered the sizes and shapes of your requirements. This is the factor; they can pack various types of products. They are anemic yet can be published with the shade of your option. You can match their shade with your items which can be attracting your clients. Moreover, you can include photos in addition to messages on them to deliver your message efficiently to your customers. You can affix little handles with them that supply comfort in bringing items.

What is PVC bag
What is a PVC bag

2. Types of PVC bag

2.1 PVC backpack

PVC backpacks are large enough to hold the items you need on a daily basis. If you have personal items that you don’t want to be seen, then it’s best to prepare an opaque sachet to hold them and put this sachet inside your backpack.

PVC backpack
PVC backpack

2.2 PVC duffle bag

PVC duffle bag can be used in the gym, you can use this bag to carry some toiletries and clean clothes.

PVC backpack
PVC backpack

2.3 PVC handbag

PVC handbags are made up of a solid type of polyvinyl chloride that is extremely resilient. Their manufacturing material is extremely versatile as well as can be given the shape and size of your requirements. They can pack numerous kinds of products. They are colorless but can be published in the shade of your choice.

PVC handbag
PVC handbag

2.4 PVC sling bag

If a PVC handbag is the patent of women, then a PVC sling bag is a fashion item specially made for men. The transparent material provides a unique look to the sling bag. Compared to traditional sling bags, PVC sling bags allow users to find their small items more easily.

PVC sling bag
PVC sling bag

2.5 PVC cosmetic bag

PVC cosmetic bag is usually used for travel and business trip, it will be packed inside the luggage case or backpack, and no matter what you put inside the PVC cosmetic bag, you don’t have to worry about the private items being discovered.

PVC cosmetic bag
PVC cosmetic bag

3. Is PVC bag durable?

Yes, PVC is a very common material with good wear resistance and wrinkle resistance. In fact, PVC material is not only used in bags. PVC material is easy to process and shape, easy to bend, and can be processed into bags with complex structures.

4. Is PVC bag safe?

Studies have shown that PVC materials contain some harmful substances, but the content of harmful substances in PVC materials made by regular manufacturers will not exceed the standard, bearing in mind that any material contains harmful substances. PVC is suitable for any other backpack except for bags used by young children.

5. How PVC bag is made?

PVC is made by reacting carbon, ethylene, and also chlorine (a petroleum product). The raw materials are mostly salt and oil. Electrolysis of saltwater creates chlorine, which is incorporated with ethylene (gotten from oil) to form vinyl chloride monomer (VCM).

Vinyl Chloride Monomer (VCM) is a colorless substance, and also it is estimated that about 13 billion KG are generated every year.

PVC bag material Vinyl Chloride Monomer
PVC bag material Vinyl Chloride Monomer

6. Will PVC bags be banned in the future?

Not for the time being. PVC is now widely used in various industries, PVC bags are reusable and there is no need to worry about environmental issues. Most countries in the world are banning the use of plastic packaging bags and shopping bags, because these products are often disposable items, and their use in large quantities can lead to serious environmental problems. For products like PVC bags, there is no trend of banning exists.

7. What factors will influence the cost of a PVC bag?

7.1 Materials

The raw materials of PVC bags are mainly PVC, zipper, straps and so on. The price of different quality raw materials is completely different, in addition, supply and demand will also affect the price increase or decrease, for example, due to force majeure factors leading to the reduction of raw material production, the price will have a certain degree of increase.

In China, where Honeyoung Bag is located, the supply chain of raw materials is very complete, and it is almost impossible for out-of-stock or massive price increases to happen. You don’t need to worry about this problem. If you want to know more about this part please see: Backpack Material: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

PVC bag zippers
PVC bag zippers

7.2 Shipping cost

Shipping costs are included in the cost of goods. Transportation costs may include the cost of transporting the product from the factory to the port, the cost of transporting the product from the port to the destination port, the cost of transporting the product from the destination port to the location specified by the buyer, etc.

Shipping cost of PVC bag
The shipping cost of PVC bag

7.3 Craft

Why can our competitors sometimes offer lower prices for the same raw materials? This is the reason: for the same material, we use standard workmanship and do not cut corners, which guarantees the quality of the product. Some bad manufacturers use extremely poor workmanship in order to lower the price.


Honeyoung Bag has been in the bag business for over 20 years, and our excellent reputation has been the foundation of our survival. In addition to providing the most professional advice, we are also able to offer lower prices while maintaining quality. 

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