18 Types of Backpack: The Ultimate Guide

Backpack is so universal in planet Earth that everybody owns at least one. Do you know what type of backpack are you using? How many type of backpack existed? What are they used for? In this guide you’ll understand all of the backpack types that we use in daily life.
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1. Student backpack

Student backpacks are usually various in color, and this type of backpack must be able to endure long time use and even violent use, because young kids can be very vigorous, they’ll run to the playground after class and toss the backpack aside. The function of student backpack is simple: no need to hold too much weight, because most schools have lockers to store their books and stationery. Just need the bag to be durable, fashion and easy to carry.

2. hiking backpack

Camping enthusiast and backpackers will definitely love it. The hiking backpack need to load with many things, mostly are tent, clothes, flash light, cooking utensils, etc. Backpackers requires large capacity and need to carry the bag through long distance. Ergonomic design is the priority to hiking backpack, such as bearing system and ventilating system.

3. Drawstring backpack

Mostly seen in promotional use, sellers or company will customize the drawstring backpack, then they give them out to passerby. This type of backpack is cheap, but functional, many men in the gym will use it carry basketball or training shoes.

backpack type-camera backpack

4. Camera backpack

Expensive camera and lens even make you forget to protect yourself when you fall down and turn to protect the devices. I see many cameramen will prepare a camera backpack for their precious camera and lens. The main functions of the backpack are storage space made for lens and anti-shock performance.

backpack type-Commuter backpack

5. Commuter backpack

The commuter backpack should be flexible in ways of carry, can be transformed into tote bag, cross body bag or backpack. Office workers and riders will love it. The style of the backpack is simple, often black or gray.

backpack type-laptop backpack

6. laptop backpack

One of the main backpack types. Laptop backpack aims to protect your laptop from being shocked or scratched. People carry with laptops also need to carry other items like cards and keys, so the compartments in different size are important.

backpack type-Guitar backpack

7. Guitar backpack

This type of backpack is simple in structure and function: it only needs to protect your guitar and provide rooms for guitar capo and tuner.

backpack type-Leather backpack

8. Leather backpack

Fashion brands, just like Coach and Hermes, would like to sell leather backpack, leather backpack are more of a fashion item than a carrier.

backpack type-Cycling backpack

9. Cycling backpack

User: Bicycle commuters and cycling enthusiasts.

Cycling backpacks need to be installed with chest belt and waist belt to hold the backpack steady on the body, when riding in standing position, the backpack straps often fall off the shoulders. Cycling backpack needs to be designed to endure sweat and rain.

backpack type-Kids Backpack

10. Kid’s backpack

Different from school backpack types, the kid’s backpacks are designed for kids in kindergarten or primary school. The materials of the kid’s backpack have to pass more strict Toxicological Test, because kids are more vulnerable than adults when facing harmful substances. The size of the backpack is also limited within certain range. Different size of backpacks are catering kids in different ages.

backpack type-travel backpack

11. Travel backpack

Travel backpack type is specially made for traveller who often take public transportation.

Main features: Anti-theft lock on zippers, USB charging port, luggage strap.

backpack type-business backpack

12. Business backpack

Business backpack type is similar to laptop backpack, it has laptop compartment and USB charging port. Different from laptop backpack, the business backpack are made of leather.

backpack type-Tactical backpack

13. Tactical backpack

Tactical backpack type is used for military use. Nowadays many outdoor enthusiast and military fan are using this kind of backpack. The tactical backpack have special compartments for ammunition and hydration pack.

backpack type-Hydration backpack

14. Hydration backpack

Hydration backpack is a carrier of water when people running on mountain. You’ll find many runners of outdoor enthusiast own a backpack like this. The type of backpack cannot load much things but water, it is a sport gear. The water pack in the backpack can be replaced and cleaned.

backpack type-Diaper backpack

15. Diaper backpack

The diaper backpack is a bag with many storage rooms for baby supplies. Some backpacks are now being made with comfortable cushion that baby can sit on it. The diaper can’t be too large, it needs to fit in a stroller.

backpack type-Ski backpack

16. ski backpack

Skiing backpack usually carries rescue tools, energy bars and water bottle. They differ in weight and capacity. Skiing backpacks are made for skiers and snowboarders.

backpack type-Baseball backpack

17. Baseball backpack

Baseball backpacks are for baseball players, the baseball bat can be put on both side of the backpack, the main compartment is for baseball glove and sports wear. Many types of baseball backpacks are ponderous, large in size, not very suitable for other outdoor activities.

backpack type-Foldable backpack

18. Foldable backpack

Foldable backpack is also known as skin backpack. It can be folded into a small patch and put into your pockets. People often use them as a shopping bag, the materials are thin, so the foldable bag is not suitable to load valuable items. Portability and lightweight are the main features of the backpack.

19. Other Kinds of backpack

There are many other kinds of backpack products exist in the market, such as LED backpack and Trolley backpack. Both of them are very popular nowadays.

Honeyoung spent over 23 years in bag industry, we write this artcle in the hope to answer your questions and helping to understand bag production industry. Contact us if you have questions or purchase.

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