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During Honeyoung Bag’s communication with customers, we found that many people are very concerned about the backpack logo. For most products, the logo is very necessary, and backpack products are no exception.

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1. Designing a backpack logo can be troublesome

Our clients choose to have their logos printed, although there are many who have their own logos. However, their logos may need to be redesigned, they may not be sure what their logos may look like when printed, or which printing methods are not suitable for some logos.

A logo actually has a variety way of presentations, such as abstract, or text-based, for different logo printing, or metal logos, etc.

The logo may be different in different scenarios or different grades of products. This makes it difficult for some customers who haven’t decided on their logos and those first-time backpack purchasers to choose.

Designing Backpack Logo could be troublesome
Designing a backpack logo could be troublesome

2. Why is the backpack logo different?

On different colors or styles of bags, the color of the logo may have to change. If it is a retro-style rucksack, you can use leather labels or a black-and-white logo. if it is a regular color, you can use the normal color scheme of the brand (for example, our logo is a gray-white-orange color combination), but the base color of the logo can still change, you can generally choose black and white gray.

Logos of the same brand can also be different. For example, the famous American bicycle manufacturer SPECIALIZED uses two different logos on their products, one is SPECIALIZED and the other is S-Works, so that they can distinguish between different levels of products.

Why backpack logo different
Why backpack logo different

3. What are the common options for logo customization

3.1 Heat Transfer Printing & Silk Printing

Both of these logo customization methods involve printing pigments directly on the backpack fabric, which does not affect the flexibility of the fabric at all. This method is the least expensive, and although the printed logo may fade or peel off over time, this does not affect it becoming a mainstream choice for backpack products and apparel products.

3.2 Embroidery Logo

Embroidery Logo is similar to the first two customization methods, but this one is embroidered, better quality and more durable. It also looks more premium. As with apparel products, products using the Embroidery Logo are sold at a higher price. Combine the beautiful logo with Embroidery and you will get products with a little luxury.

3.3 Metal Logo & Inner Label & Rubber Logo & Velcro Patch Logo

The reason we grouped these 4 customization options together is that they all add a fabricated logo to the backpack. They are separate pieces until they are attached to the backpack. While they are not as strong as the Embroidery Logo, they can offer more styles or textures. You can match them to the design and overall style of your backpack product.

Velcro Patch Logo is the most special of them all, it can be easily removed or attached. When removed, the backpack can be very neat. When attached, the backpack can show various personalities.

3.4 Zipper Head Logo

Most customers choose both this and any one of them together. The Zipper Head Logo is not suitable for use on its own because the logo is too small and users do not necessarily notice it. But this logo is definitely practical and good-looking. A zipper head with a logo increases both recognition and friction, making it less likely to slip when opening and closing the zipper.

Zipper Head Logo
Zipper head logo

4. What features make up a unique Backpack Logo?

Your Backpack Logo should represent your brand, help customers remember you, and entice them to learn more about your services. Choosing the right color, layout and shape is what will ensure your Backpack Logo wins the competition.

5. What layout is most suitable for the backpack logo?

You definitely want your Backpack Logo to stand out from your competitors. Your logo should express an important message to your customers: You are serious. There is no model answer to what layout to choose for your Backpack Logo, but keep in mind what message you want to send with it. A simple layout can convey energy and creativity, while a more spirited layout implies bravery or confidence. Honeyoung Bag can customize it to fit the characteristics and needs of your product. If you are unsure, you can also study the backpack logos of your competitors and can start with these aspects: layout, color choices, themes and fonts, etc.

Backpack logo fonts design
Backpack logo fonts design

6. What text to choose for the backpack logo?

The role of words is crucial. If you don’t have a name for your backpack logo, then we suggest that you can combine words and brand names that describe your business, the level of service you offer, and also words that resonate with your customers. If you are still a bit hesitant, you can refer to other backpack company logos for more inspiration. Just remember that your backpack logo should have a catchy and approachable name that fits well with the whole team. Try to keep the logo text short and use a bold and simple font so that it is easily recognizable on your backpack logo.

Backpack logo text
Logo text should be a symbol of your business

7. Add a slogan to the backpack logo

It’s easy to emphasize your backpack logo with a slogan. It is usually added to the bottom of the logo and is usually composed of a motto or a mantra. A good slogan includes three to seven words that are easy to recite. It’s like an advertising slogan, and this extra text helps further connect your design to your brand.

Backpack logo slogan
Backpack slogan can make them remember your brand
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