Backpack manufacturer: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

What are the common types of backpack? What are the target customers of those backpacks? How many employees should a qualified bag manufacturer hire? Which is better, Chinese manufacturers or American manufacturers? To answer those questions, we write this guide to help you understand.
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1. What are the 18 common types of backpacks that backpack manufacturers produce?

There are 18 main types of backpacks commonly produced by backpack manufacturers:

  • Student backpack
  • Hiking backpack
  • Drawstring backpack
  • Camera backpack
  • Commuter backpack
  • Laptop backpack
  • Guitar backpack
  • Leather backpack
  • Cycling backpack
  • Kid’s backpack
  • Travel backpack
  • Work business backpack
  • Tactical backpack
  • Hydration backpack
  • Diaper backpack
  • Ski backpack
  • Baseball backpack
  • Folding backpack

These different types of backpacks have different characteristics, uses, users, advantages and disadvantages. If you would like to know more about their details, please read: 18 Types Of Backpack: The Ultimate Guide

2. Who are the targeted service groups of backpack manufacturers?

The customers of backpack manufacturers are bag sellers who purchase in bulk or the brand party who plans to conduct backpacks for promotion such as supermarkets, convenience stores, schools, government charity purchases, sports brands, animation brands, etc.

Different customer groups have different requirements for backpack types and designs. Supermarkets usually purchase affordable commuter backpacks. The theme stores sell backpacks for specific groups of people such as children’s backpacks, student backpacks or hiking bags according to their own customer groups. Student backpacks purchased by government agencies usually have a simple and cheap structure with their own national flags printed on the surface.

Anyway, thousands of backpack models are customized every year. The biggest advantage of backpack manufacturers is to provide a full range of customized services to various customers.

3. Customized service for backpack manufacturers

The client’s design team usually sends the design draft to the backpack manufacturer first. After receiving it, backpack manufacturers will first make samples according to the customer’s requirements and wait for confirmation from the customer side before proceeding with production.

Every detail about a backpack can be customized:

  • Size
  • Structure
  • Fabric material
  • Color
  • Zipper
  • LOGO
  • Accessories
  • Print

The most important properties are the structure and fabric material of backpacks. There are various requirements for different types of backpacks. Children’s bags need to be simple in structure, and small in size with no special requirements for load-bearing. After all, no children will put more than 10KG in a backpack, right? However, outdoor backpacks and hiking bags have high requirements for load-bearing and capacity. After all, people who travel outdoors have to rely on their own backpacks to carry everything.

Backpack manufacturers can also provide reasonable product design suggestions for custom-made backpacks based on their production experience accumulated for many years. Often a small suggestion can save customers a large number of unnecessary expenses, allowing customers to obtain higher sales profits.

4. How many employees do backpack manufacturers generally recruit? What are their responsibilities?

The number of employees is one core element to measure the size of a backpack factory. Since backpacks are produced manually, the more employees there are, the higher the production efficiency will get. The staff positions of backpack manufacturers are mainly as follows:

  • Salesman
  • Product designer
  • Sample maker
  • Production manager
  • Sewing workers
  • Quality inspector
  • Packers
  • Person in charge of shipment

Among them, the number of sewing workers is the largest. At present, a manufacturer with more than 100 sewing workers can be regarded as a large-scale backpack manufacturer.

In backpack manufacturers, the above employee roles are essential. The whole team can deliver customers backpacks of guaranteed quality and quantity.

5. Backpack manufacturer machine

  • Automatic Cutting Machine
  • Post Bed Sewing Machine
  • Lockstitch sewing machine
  • Synchronous sewing machine
Production machine in Honeyoung bag factory

6. What is the backpack manufacturers’ production process?

The production process of backpack manufacturers is not completely the same but the steps are roughly the same.

  • Make backpack samples according to customer requirements
  • Confirm samples with customers
  • Purchasing backpack materials
  • Cut fabric
  • Pattern or LOGO customization
  • Sewing by the assembly lines
  • Inspection of the finished backpack
  • Product packing

7. Chinese backpack manufacturer VS American backpack manufacturer

China is the country with the largest number of backpack manufacturers in the world. The United States also has some backpack manufacturers because of the large market demand. What is the difference between them? What is the better choice?

7.1 Products types

Chinese backpack manufacturer: good at producing student backpacks, laptop backpacks, commuter backpacks, children’s backpacks, etc.

American backpack manufacturer: good at producing hiking backpacks, leather backpacks, etc.

Usually, the value of products of American backpack manufacturers is higher.

7.2 Quality

Chinese backpack manufacturers: with decades of production experience, Chinese backpack manufacturers’ products show good quality. A complete production system and quality inspection system operate smoothly. They are willing to accept the inspection of a third-party quality inspection company. Of course, there are also some low-quality Chinese backpack manufacturers so pay attention to distinguish them.

American backpack manufacturers: Most of their products are of very good quality. They have superb craftsmanship but the production efficiency is slow. If your product is a very complex backpack, it would be better to find an American backpack manufacturer to produce it.

7.3 Price cost

Chinese backpack manufacturers: China’s labor costs are at the middle and lower reaches of the world thus population-intensive industries can enjoy a cost advantage in China. This is also the core reason why 99% of customers place backpack orders with Chinese backpack manufacturers.

American backpack manufacturer: The labor cost in the United States is one of the highest in the world. For the same backpack, the labor cost in the United States is several times higher than that in China, making the price of that product will be several times higher.

7.4 Production efficiency

Chinese backpack manufacturers: China’s population base is very large and there are as many as tens of millions of employees engaged in the backpack production industry chain. So usually a large order is finished by China and then shipped to various places. Only the production efficiency of Chinese backpack manufacturers can meet the demand for large orders.

American backpack manufacturers: There are a few backpack factories and employees in the United States. If the delivery date of the backpack is urgent, then the backpack manufacturers in the United States may not be able to meet the delivery requirements.

If you are a local customer in the United States and the number of customized backpacks is small, it is best to find a local backpack manufacturer. Facing clients who intend to purchase a large quantity, it will be the most suitable choice to find a backpack manufacturer in China. Therefore, it is not surprising that many backpack brands purchase backpacks in China.

8. How to find a backpack manufacturer

There are many backpack manufacturer in China, few of them can produce every kinds of bag products, choosing from those factory can be difficult. Don’t worry, we list some of the best factories in another article: Top 100 China Bag Factory & Manufacturer.

Honeyoung Bag will always be here to help, if you have any questions, please contact us. We’ll reply as soon as possible.

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