Why Honeyoung Bag Is A Reliable China Bag Factory?

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How to find a reliable China bag factory? What are the qualities of a trusted bag manufacturer? Brilliant product quality, stable delivery time, competitive price, innovative design team, rigorous management system, timely response are the qualities that excellent China bag factory should have.

As one of the best China bag factory, Honeyoung Bag can produce various kinds of bag products, we can also help you to export products to all over the world. We are not only a reliable bag manufacturer but also a trusted exporter. From product design, production, Delivery, transportation, we have a professional team to serve you.

Here are why you can choose Honeyoung Bag – your reliable China bag factory:

  • Long history
  • Professional design team and business team
  • Reliable supply chain
  • Many famous brand partners

1. Long history

Anhui Honeyoung Enterprise has been existed for 23 years since 1998. When the enterprise started, there was only a small office with 5 employees. As time goes by, we developed to a large company, and own several production bases and office buildings. 

More than 20 years of growth has brought us product design experience, professional business management, strict quality management system and other advantages. Since its establishment, Honeyoung enterprise has served more than 5000 customers, providing them with backpack, exercise books and a variety of stationery mass production, exporting any kinds of order we met, we successfully complete the delivery to overseas customers according to their requirements.

Honeyoung bag factory in Wushan, Hefei
Honeyoung bag factory in Wushan, Hefei

2. Professional design team and business team

Honeyoung bag manufacturer has two bag designers, who can provide free product design services for customers. We design or modify nearly 800 bags for customers every year, 30% of these will be produced eventually, and many of the best-selling products become popular in our customers’ target market. 

Our business team has an average experience of more than 8 years and has served customers all over the world. Our business consultants can provide you with a full range of services, such as product quotation, design, sample making, production and shipment,etc.

If you have a design or business problem, please feel free to contact us. Our service team will reply within 24 hours.

3. Reliable supply chain

The strong supply chain of Honeyoung bag supplier can ensure your products are delivered to you on time with brilliant quality. A strong supply chain has to own large factory area, large number of workers and advanced equipment,also, the bag factory has to be able to produce many kinds of bag products, the quality management system must be scientific, the industry certification must be complete.

3.1 A brief introduction of Honeyoung bag factory

Honeyoung bag factory currently own two bag production bases, one exercise book production base and one pencil production base. Among them, the bag production bases have more than 300 employees, covering areas of 40,000 square meters. We have hundreds of automatic cutting machine, lock stitch sewing machine,synchronous sewing machine,post bed sewing machine.

Honeyoung bag production line
Honeyoung bag production line

3.2 Sample delivery in seven days

Honeyoung  bag factory has a sample making team of 10 people, it only takes 7 days to turn the customer’s design into a sample. Confirming samples with customers is an important step before mass production and also an important basis for quality management. Sample making process has a strict management system. You can read this article How Does A Backpack Go From Sketch To Reality? to find out.

Honeyoung bag sample making room
Honeyoung bag sample making room

 3.3 High production efficiency

After producing bag products for a long time, every production line will have its own advantaged products, that means the production line can increase production efficiency to decrease purchase cost. Honeyoung Bag factory owns two production bases and 16 production lines. Every production line as a team, have their own advantaged products, such as backpack, school bag, cooler bag, kid’s bag, duffle bag and laptop bag are all Honeyoung’s major products.

Honeyoung bag sample room
Honeyoung bag sample room

Once we receive the order, the production manager will make a production plan according to delivery date, in order to make sure every order can be efficiently completed. Interested in bag production? Read this: How Do Bag Manufacturers Produce Bags to learn more.

3.4 Scientific quality management system

We apply our quality management system in the whole supply chain. Every step of the production will be managed by our scientific quality management mode, that’s why we can finally deliver the perfect bag products to customers. Only a few China bag factories have the same quality management system as ours.

3.4.1 Sealing samples

After confirming the samples made according to the customer’s requirements, we will seal the samples with sample locks. All subsequent production will be carried out according to confirmed samples.

Sample sealing lock of Honeyoung bag
Sample sealing lock of Honeyoung bag

3.4.2 Raw material inspection

To ensure quality, Our raw material purchasing personnel will check all the raw materials before they enter the warehouse. Color and quantity of these raw materials are consistent with the customer’s order.

Raw material purchased by Honeyoung bag, waiting for inspection
Raw material purchased by Honeyoung bag, waiting for inspection

3.4.3 Production operation instruction

As the best China bag factory, Honeyoung bag make a production instruction on the desk of each worker, which include the current production process requirements of the worker, including pictures, process name, material specifications, process control points and self-inspection standards.

One of our product SOP
One of our product SOP

3.4.4 Finished product inspection

After finishing the sewing process, the products will go through the needle testing machine to the finished product quality inspection workshop. Needle testing machine can ensure that the products delivered to customers without broken needles and metal debris, to ensure the safety of consumers. Products will be cut off in the quality inspection workshop, qualified products will be transferred to the next step for packaging, defective products will be allocated to the production line for rework or repair.

Product inspection desk of Honeyoung bag
Product inspection desk of Honeyoung bag

3.4.5 Packing inspection

Products will be packaged in accordance with the customer’s packaging requirements, after packaging, the products will be delivered.

Package inspection in Honeyoung bag factory
Package inspection in Honeyoung bag factory

3.5 Authorized certification in bag industry

There are many related certifications in bag industry: ISO9001、SGS、Sedex、Disney、BSCI, etc. All of these certifications proved us a qualified bag manufacturer. Authorized inspectors came to our bag factory every year to make sure we can still pass the qualification. They look through our staff, facility, product categories, annual volume, and they will also check whether we are hiring staff legally. Honeyoung bag, a leading China bag factory, has acquired all the authentications above.

Certifications of Honeyoung bag
Certifications of Honeyoung bag

3.6 The world’s most complete supply chain of raw materials

China is the country that own the most complete supply chain of raw materials. Here you can find all you need: fabrics, components, zippers and more.

Complete supply chain means low cost of raw materials, which renders lower quotations.

China has the most complete supply chain
China has the most complete supply chain

4. Many famous brand partners

Honeyoung bag has maintain partnerships with many world-famous brands, such as Disney, Marvel, Coca Cola, and Nestle. We also supply bag products for Walmart, Lidl and Amazon.

Apart from these famous brands, we are also committed to provide thousands of small or medium-sized brands with product customization, production, export services, providing low-cost, high-quality backpack products for them.

Those who trusted Honeyoung bag
Those who trusted Honeyoung bag

Wholly owned supply chain + abundant design + professional merchandising team + scientific quality management system = Reliable China bag factory with competitive price, Stable delivery and High quality. Contact us now, leave the problems to us and we’ll solve it for you.

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