Top 30 Laptop Bag Brands in USA

USA is one of the biggest laptop bag markets in the world, and it also has the most laptop bag brands headquarters. We aim to show you the rankings of them.
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1. HP laptop bag

HP is a professional laptop bag brand from America and they also produce high quality laptop bag, because they are good laptop supplier, they know how to protect and carry your laptops. Its style of business are liked by many office workers worldwide.

HP laptop bag
HP laptop bag

2. Targus laptop bag

The British laptop bag brand has a long history of making computer accessories, the laptop bag they made are durable, classic. College students would love their laptop bag. If you are interested in organizing computer accessory, Targus is the brand for you.

Targus laptop bag

3. Samsonite laptop bag

Samsonite is one of the largest travel accessories manufacturer in the world, its quality can surely satisified nearly everyone, that’s why it can rank in the third.

Samsonite laptop bag

4. Michael Kors Laptop Bag

The Brand established in the British Virgin Islands has a lot of experiences of making stylish bags, their laptop bags are also creative. They are the leader of fashion. Women like it very much, perfectly suit the style of office women. If you have extra dollars, this brand will be your fine choice.

Michael Kors Laptop Bag
Michael Kors Laptop Bag

5. Lenovo laptop bag

The Chinese computer brand has earned its reputations from all over the world, its accessories are also durable. Its laptop bags are anti-shock designed and well-organized. And its price is reasonable, suited for all kinds of users. They really are considerate as a laptop bag manufacturer, they created various series of laptop bag: laptop backpack, laptop tote bag, and laptop sling bag.

Lenovo laptop bag

6. Alienware laptop bag

Alienware is a pretty unique brand under Dell Computer’s name, its hardshell laptop bag are very stylish, full sense of tech. The computer zealots will definitely like it. The American brand know how to please gaming fans with its style. Brilliant anti- shock technology can protect your laptop wherever you are.

Alienware laptop bag

7. Tommy Hilfiger laptop bag

This American fashion brand has a characteristic feature: the blue red white strips. People who know it will certainly recall this. The style of their laptop bag are Business styled, it is solemn with a little fashion in it, suitable for businessmen.

Tommy Hilfiger laptop bag

8. Herschel laptop bag

Herschel is a Canadian laptop bag brand produce retro backpack, its retro laptop bag is famous in the market. it is durable and stylish. their canvas laptop bag is wonderful, many young man have Herschel bags. its color collocation is also iconic, black and brown.

Herschel laptop bag

9. Nike laptop bag

As one of the largerst sport gear brand in the world, Nike clearly knows his fans. the laptop backpack usually printed a big Nike logo on it. Their bags are good at waterproof, but they may not satisify you enough at anti-shock test. The design is simple but practical. If you are a sporty guy, then this is for you.

Nike laptop bag

10. Thule laptop bag

A very reliable outdoor brand, I got a Thule bicycle top holder on my car. and it’s very firm. Thule is a carrier expert, great anti-shock performance and durablility. the bags they made are extraordinarily comfortable.

Thule laptop bag

11. Prada laptop bag

A famous luxury brand from Italy, remarkable sensation in fashion is their advantage, wealthy women of all ages like it most. its laptop bag products are more business style, and its laptop handbags are recommended.

Prada laptop bag

12. Adidas laptop bag

The largest sportwaer supplier in Europe has the iconic logo on every type of its products, young boys and students are most likely to choose it, just like Nike, Adidas has a great reputation in the world. their rivalry also become a legend in the industry.The concept of their laptop bag are simple, pure color with black or white logo, durable and breathable materials.

Adidas laptop bag

13. Nomatic laptop bag

Nomatic is a professional supplier of backpacks, their products are mostly black and grey, the front side of its bag prodcuts are usually padded to enhace anti-shock performance. It has many creative design, such as side handles, side zipper pockets and top pocket. Tech enthusiasts will like this brand, very thoughtful.

Nomatic laptop bag

14. Mi laptop bag

This corporation from China sells really well in India. High quality, cheaper price, various colors and thoughtful details. They are smartphone company but they produce tech accessories and household supplies. It is well-designed and suitable for young boys and girls.

Mi laptop bag

15. Puma laptop bag

The German brand has long history of making outdoor sport accessories. the laptop bags are large in capacity and various in design. Look at the pink laptop bag, girls surely will like it. and the pocket on the upper front provides extra space for personal belongings. they use the best materials and never hesitate to try new ideas. The brand is perfect for fashion people.

16. patagonia laptop bag

As an American Outdoor clothing company, Patagonia knows his customers well. they have various kinds of customers, so you have many colors to choose. they produce sling bag, backpack for laptop. Designs like the handle on the bottom is characteristic. Waterproof fabrics can protect your laptop from pouring rains. the ergonomic design is great, if you are a bike commuter, then you will like it.

Patagonia laptop bag

17. Kenneth Cole laptop bag

The American fashion house, founded in 1982, is good at making leather bag. Its laptop bags are equipped with metal clips or button. Kenneth Cole’s style is very classic. Men will likes it. it suits businessmen very well. If you are looking for a gift for your husband, boyfriend or father, this brand will be one of the best choices for you.

Kenneth Cole laptop bag

18. Swissgear laptop bag

The keyword of the Swiss laptop bag brand is durability. Although it lost some score in fashion design, the quality of it never let you disappointed. the Swissgear laptop bag is usually all black, a fine choice for business travel. It has brilliant compartments for orgainzing you big and tiny belongings, all things will have its own place in the Swissgear laptop bag.

Swissgear laptop bag

19. Ogio laptop bag

Ogio’s laptop bag are mostly hardshell backpack, laptops can be protected very well. And they have somthing creative: the sling bag has comfortable lifting handles, considered that many people carry the bag in elevator, they are more likely to use the handles instead of shoulder strap. If you are a commuter that often go to work by subway, this brand will suit you well.

Ogio laptop bag

20. Dagne Dover laptop bag

The Dagne Dover laptop bags have smooth touch and soft color, relecting different personalities. Double zippers on the main pocket can withstand heavy use.

Dagne Dover laptop bag

21. Rains laptop bag

Rains laptop bag brand has made a laptop bag an elegant handbag. Another featured design of Rains laptop bag is the two serparate front pocket, it is sewed onto the main pocket. Its rolltop backpack is more fashion, very suitable for college students, like a bicycle cummuters, the large capacity can hold all of his EDC.

Rains laptop bag

22. Pacsafe laptop bag

Pacsafe is definitely an expert of anti-theft bag, it can protect your precious belongings when you are on a bus. The big zipper is convenient to use and never jam. The sytle of the laptop bags are similar, they use black. The brand is popular in Europe. I consider it as the safest laptop bag brand.

Pacsafe laptop bag

23. Osprey laptop bag

Osprey pack is an outdoor sport backpack specialist, its hydration pack and camping bag are the best. Due to its experience of making outdoor backpack, Osprey can produce good quality laptop bag as well. It combined waterproof, anti-shock and ergonomic design into one bag, which is great.

Osprey laptop bag

24. Kroser laptop bag

Hide the shoulder straps, it looks like a tote bag. The Kroser laptop bag brand have any color collocations you want, and its price are very competitive, if you are young and just started working, then you’ll probably buy it. Despite its low price, the quality is extraordinary. Another advantage of the brand is lots of pockets, that means you can easily organize your keys and cards, etc.

Kroser laptop bag

25. Timbuk2 laptop bag

One of the best selling laptop bag brand in USA, The Timbuk2 use the best material to make the bags, and their bag design are practical and classic: rolltop, long adjustable straps, side zipper pockets on the back. the color colloctaions are black, gray and dark green, etc. The inner compartment made for laptop has infilled with anti-shock material, providing enough protection for the computer.

Timbuk2 laptop bag

26. High Sierra laptop bag

The High Sierra laptop bag brand are made for business travelers, they thoughtfully made a lot of pockets in the bag to make sure you have enough space to store everything you need for a business trip. Extremely durable materials can even allow you you to use it as an outdoor backpack in the weekend camping.

High Sierra laptop bag

27. Balmain laptop bag

Balmain makes luxurious and simple laptop bag brand, their laptop bag are enough for a short trip or a commute to work. It has interior and exterior compartments for both laptop and other little gadgets. A fine choice for both men and women.

Balmain laptop bag

28. Eastpak laptop bag

This American lifestyle brand founded in Boston makes high quality laptop bags for decades. They likes to use leather on the zipper pulls. there are adjustable straps on both side of the bag, this design can adjust the capacity of the laptop bag, if you only need to load few things, then you can pull the straps to make the bag smaller. Useful design.

Eastpak laptop bag

29. the north face laptop bag

The North Face’s selection of laptop bag includes many kinds of materials, from 600D Nylon to Oxford fabrics. Its fabulous outer design can catch everybody’s eye. My fellows in UK love the brand, he bought one of these laptop bags, actually, he has a whole set of The North Face Outdoor gear.

The North Face laptop bag

30. Carhartt laptop bag

Carhartt laptop bag brand is famous for its quality and multi-function. They have reinforced stitches and water proof outer fabrics. The American brand sells good in Amazon and eBay.

Carhartt laptop bag

The above all are the complete rankings of the most popular laptop bag brands in USA market. If you would like to know more about other hot selling laptop bag brands in other country, contact us, we’ll get you the latest rankings.

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