Top 6 skate bags in the USA in 2023

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Every skater needs a bag for two purposes: to carry their skateboard and accessories and to support their backs during push-off and landing.

Several skate bags are available that make bold claims about being the best. Unfortunately, there’s no way to tell if the claims are right and whether a bag will suit you, so we’ve compiled a list of the top 6 skate bags for you. This article will also provide advice on selecting the best bag for yourself.

Choosing the right skate bag

Choosing The Right Skate Bag
Choosing The Right Skate Bag

There are a few things to remember while shopping for a skate bag. The size of your luggage is the first.  The skate bag should be big enough to carry everything without tiring you. Next, you should go for a sturdy bag with plenty of cushioning. This can assist keep you’re back straight while you’re lugging big things and shield it from harm if you take a spill while skating.

Lastly, it would help to consider how much cash you are prepared to invest in a bag. Skaters, in general, aren’t keen on spending a lot of money on a bag due to the wear and tear they sustain, but that doesn’t mean you have to settle for the cheapest one out there. We believe spending a little more on a well-made and long-lasting bag is money well spent.

Top 6 skate bags in the USA in 2023

1. Simbow Skate Bag

The Simbow skate bag can easily hold all your equipment and skateboard. It is an excellent option if you need a spacious bag. The bag has a separate section for the skateboard and four main pockets. It also has cushioned straps that protect your back from discomfort on extended trips.

A charging plug is included in Simbow skate bags so you can recharge your phone on the go. It also has a hidden security compartment and a password lock to keep your valuables safe. The bag is made from heavy-duty material, and its weight is evenly distributed over your shoulders thanks to an adjustable strap.

2. GoRide Skate Bag

The Go Ride bag is the way to carry your conventional or tiny electric skateboard, as it can carry up to twenty pounds of gear. The bag can accommodate skateboards as long as 38 inches. It has a modern look that is appropriate for any age group. The bag also has side pockets in which you can store anything. In addition, it features a cushioned area for a laptop and is completely waterproof.

The bag’s shoulder straps can be adjusted with the click of a clasp.  The best part is that it has a charging port. The cable, however, must be purchased independently.

3. Eastsport Skate Bag

The Eastsport Skate bag includes a spacious main compartment and is made of strong, water-resistant nylon. In addition, the bag has several front zip compartments and an internal tech bag that can handle most 15″ skateboards.

The Eastsport Skate Bag has a lovely design and features many pockets. Your skateboards, clothes, wallets, and other belongings will easily fit in. You’ll have no trouble staying organized because of the ample storage space provided by the huge main compartment, the two tiny front pockets, and the two side mesh pockets.

4. Pawsky Skate Bag

Featuring a 16-liter capacity and dual zippers on opposite sides, this bag is both stylish and functional. The bag has been made from a waterproof material, so your stuff won’t get wet in rainy weather. This bag is ideal for those who enjoy longboarding trips but require a bit more storage space. It is constructed from a strong but lightweight material, and it comes with cushioned, adjustable straps and a system for carrying your board.

The Pawsky bag has a combination lock and a dual-access zipper to keep your belongings secure. So when traveling or waiting in line, you won’t have to worry about somebody stealing your belongings or secretly going through them. The bag has a thin, ergonomic shape that molds according to your body for optimal comfort and a soft, cushioned rear with completely adjustable shoulder straps.

5. Dakine Mission Skate Bag

This bag is strong, so it won’t tear, no matter how many things you carry. Thanks to its 25-liter capacity and dual carrying options, it can fit everything you might need on a skating trip.

The Dakine Bag is a lightweight, compact bag that can easily hold up to 15 liters of gear. It has many different sections, including one huge main pocket with internal dividers to help you keep track of your belongings and numerous smaller ones, so you can take everything you need wherever you go.

Additionally, the top of the Dakine Bag may be changed to accommodate people of varying stature and heights. The bag’s material is water-resistant, coated, recycled polyester fabric, and the handles are woven polyester.

6. Ronyes Skate Bag

If you’re a student who wants to bring their skateboarding gear in one convenient bag, go no further than the Ronyes bag Skateboard. The bag has straps that are adjustable to securely hold skateboards and vertical boards of any size. In addition, it has a concealed net that is ideal for transporting sports gear.

A Ronyes bag, in our opinion, is an excellent option for everyday use. The main compartment also contains a cushioned laptop sleeve and a thick padded iPad sleeve, both with cotton lining; the double-zippered front pocket has one compartment with a concealed zipper at the top, four pen slots, and two divided sections. The back has a single net pocket perfect for storing a skateboard. This skate bag also has two zippered pockets, providing secure storage space for small things.

Honeyoung Skate Bag

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