Longboard Backpack: The Ultimate Buying Guide in 2022

Skateboarding has long been one of the outdoor sports enjoyed by city residents around the world, Skating park can be seen everywhere. In campus, the skateboard is a symbol of Youth. With the growing popularity of the sport, more and more people are buying longboard backpacks for their skateboards. For city residents, skateboarding is not only a recreational device, but also a portable tool for short-distance commuting. By using a longboard backpack, you can easily carry your skateboard everywhere.
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1. What is a longboard backpack? What makes them popular?

A longboard backpack is a bag designed to carry a skateboard, just like other regular backpacks, longboard backpacks come in several types. They are different in shape, size, and way of carrying. The popularity of skateboarding drives the sales of longboard backpacks, and also enrich the styles and types of longboard backpack to meet the needs of different users.

2. Types of longboard backpack

2.1 Longboard cross-body bag

The longboard cross-body bag is suitable for skateboarding on street, it is the most stylish, except for the skateboard compartment, the rest of the pockets are just enough for your everyday carries, such as keys, cards, cellphones, bottles and iPad. The longboard cross-body bag is most suitable for skateboards under 31 inches, such as street skateboards and mini skateboards. This type of backpack is a daily essential for skateboarders.

longboard cross body bag
Longboard cross-body bag

2.2 Longboard backpack

It is an all-rounder type of skateboard backpack, it can pack more items, like shinguards and helmets. It can also be used for larger skateboards of 33-38 inches. The longboard backpack has a large capacity and can load more stuff. If you are a player that often goes to skating park, then this type of backpack will satisfy you.

Electric skateboard users prefer this type of longboard backpack, because an electric longboard could weigh 17-22 lbs, carrying this weight in a cross-body bag is uncomfortable. Also, you might carry a charger or battery, a longboard backpack can provide enough storage space for your skateboard accessories.

longboard backpack
Longboard backpack

2.3 Longboard sling

Technically, a longboard sling is not a backpack or a bag, because it is just a strap that holds your skateboard in place and hangs it on your shoulder. We usually call them longboard slings. This type of product is simple and can’t load anything except a skateboard. It suits any type of skateboard, from 22 inches mini skateboard to 38 inches longboard. The most unique feature is: it can be folded into a small bump and put in your bag when not in use.

longboard sling
Longboard sling

3. What features should a longboard backpack have?

3.1 Hold the skateboard in place

The main function of a longboard backpack is to hold the skateboard in place and carry it, which most of the products in the market can do it.

3.2 Contain shinguards, helmet and bottle

Different types of longboard bags perform very differently in storage space. Of these bag products we mentioned above, the longboard backpack ranks first place, it can contain the most skateboarding gear. The choice of capacity depends on your needs or preferences.

shinguards and helmet
Shinguards and helmet

3.3 Durable and Waterproof

The material of the longboard backpack doesn’t need to be shockproof, because the skateboard is a sports gear stepped under feet, very sturdy and durable, with no need for much protection. The wear resistance of the longboard backpack is very important because it may accidentally fall when skateboarding, no one wants it to break. The deck of a skateboard is made of maple or bamboo fiber, prolonged exposure to water can lead to decay and even reduced intensity. The wheels of the skateboard contain bearings, and in addition to the need for regular lubrication and maintenance, also need to pay attention to waterproofing. The battery and circuit of the electric skateboard also need to be away from water to avoid short circuits or rain corrosion, so the waterproof function of the longboard backpack fabric is very necessary.

3.4 Style

As is known to all, the main group of skateboarders is young people, who are more interested in fashionable longboard backpack products. Trendy and practical products are more likely to attract them.


4. Recommendations of 5 different longboard bags

After introducing longboard backpacks, Honeyoung Bag would like to recommend 5 different bag products for you, hope it can help you.

4.1 Abscalar longboard backpack

The bag is foldable and can be used as a normal backpack. Its design is light and compact, and it is easy to use and easy to carry. The skateboard backpack has 2 zippered pockets. The pockets can hold some skateboard accessories or common items, which is very practical. The strap of the skateboard bag can be adjusted to suit people of different heights.

longboard backpack
Longboard backpack

4.2 Vancropak longboard backpack

The backpack is designed with triple adjustable straps, which enable one to carry a skateboard, vertical board or other suitable equipment. Durable mesh pockets with super elasticity can contain a helmet. Well made for sports, skate parks or other outdoor activities.

longboard backpac
Longboard backpack

4.3 Cooplay longboard backpack

The professional design fits Standard Skateboard. Adjustable strap and mesh. You can adjust its length according to your needs and put the helmet on the mesh. It is a hybrid of backpack and sling, it can contain things just enough, if you carry little things, this one is for you.

longboard cross body bag
Longboard cross-body bag

4.4 xxiaojun longboard backpack

The skateboard carry bag has 3 storage spaces, one is for the skateboard, one is for a helmet and sneakers, and another is for daily essentials. It has a unique pattern, making the bag more fashionable.

skateboard cross body bag
Skateboard cross-body bag

4.5 MACKAR longboard backpack

Most of the skateboards are suitable, small fish, longboards, and electronic skateboards can all fit. It can be adjusted according to the length of the skateboard. The weight of the longboard sling is very light, it will not add extra weight and reduce the pressure on your shoulders. Minimum weight and maximum portability.

longboard sling
Longboard sling

Honeyoung love to explore every kind of bag product, we love bags. The longboard backpack is a trend in most countries, if you want to sell the product, we can help you. Please contact us if you are interested in this.

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