Cyberpunk Backpack: The Ultimate Buying Guide

When we talk about Cyberpunk backpack, you might want to know what is it and what’s the difference with regular backpack. This trend is becoming popular recently, and do you know that this kind of backpack is inspired by a computer game? Let’s dive right in.
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1. What’s Cyberpunk backpack?

Before we learn what a cyberpunk backpack is, we need to know what’s cyberpunk. Cyberpunk is a theme that is often seen in science fiction movies, colorful and stunning neon lights and society in chaos are the main features of cyberpunk. Cyberpunk is representing a new fashion nowadays. Moreover, there’s a computer game named Cyberpunk 2077, which is extremely popular across the world. A cyberpunk backpack is a backpack with a cyberpunk theme and patterns.

2. What’s the difference?

The main difference between a cyberpunk backpack and a regular backpack is its appearance. The Cost of regular backpacks is usually made of polyester fabrics. To display a more hardcore theme, the cyberpunk backpack might be made into a hard-shell backpack.

3. Cyberpunk backpack users

It’s not hard to imagine a motorcyclist carrying a cyberpunk backpack, or a skateboarder tying his board onto his cyberpunk backpack. Young men of fashion will like the backpack. They are willing to show personality through their belongings.

4. Cyberpunk backpack recommendations

The cyberpunk backpack is very unique. They come in different sizes, materials and styles. Honeyoung will recommend some cyberpunk futuristic backpacks for you.

4.1 ALAZA Cyberpunk Skull Backpack

The cyberpunk backpack is a simple, intimate anti-theft backpack with a cute plush ball. The anti-theft design sets the zipper on the back. A large capacity compartment with two slots and a small zippered pocket. Two small side pockets can hold small items or umbrellas. Vivid and realistic patterns make you different and show your personality.

ALAZA Cyberpunk Skull Backpack
ALAZA Cyberpunk Skull Backpack

4.2 Cyberpunk 2077 Model Backpack

The cyberpunk 2077 backpack is inspired by the video game Cyberpunk 2077, its yellow straps are stunning and can be adjusted. The cable attached to the pocket on the front is a very unique style. The opening of the main compartment is a drawstring opening. All of the buckles are made of steel. This cyberpunk backpack creates a visual shock for people.

yberpunk 2077 Model Backpack
yberpunk 2077 Model Backpack

 4.3 SOLID GRAY Cyberpunk 2077 backpack

This is a hard-shell backpack that is printed with lots of colorful printing on it. The futuristic look is amazing. The backpack is a customized product and needs to do 3D printing, spray painting, testing, and tweaking. Every part is specially designed.

SOLID GRAY Cyberpunk 2077 backpack
SOLID GRAY Cyberpunk 2077 backpack

4.4 Society6 cyberpunk Backpack

The backpack is crafted with durable spun polyester fabric, its interior pocket fits up to 15” laptop. The padded nylon back and bottom can provide you better user experience. The backpack is very practical, and the front pocket for accessories can make you easily store your things.

Society6 cyberpunk Backpack
Society6 cyberpunk Backpack

5. How to customize a cyberpunk backpack?

With the popularity of the cyberpunk style, cyberpunk backpacks are becoming potential bag products. So, how to order a cyberpunk backpack from a bag manufacturer?

There are many custom options available:

  • Fabric: Nylon, Oxford fabric, canvas, hard shell, etc.
  • Size: the regular size of the backpack is 40*31*12CM, if you want other dimensions, we can also customize for you.
  • Structure: The structure of a cyberpunk backpack is simple: the main compartment and a front pocket. Adding side pockets is also available.
  • Pattern: Patterns will catch everyone’s attention, choose a cyberpunk-style pattern and we can print it for you.
  • Logo: As a bag supplier, we can print your logo or brand name on your bag products.

A Backpack manufacturer can produce cyberpunk backpacks based on your design. An experienced bag manufacturer can offer you executable suggestions.

6. MOQ of Cyberpunk backpack

MOQ is the lowest amount of cyberpunk backpack that the supplier can sell to you.

For instance, if the MOQ is 1000 PCS, the supplier cannot sell you anything less than that. (Anything about it: Why China Bag Factory Don’t Make Customized Product for Individuals?

Products that cost more to produce have a low MOQ than those that cost less to produce.

7. Cost of cyberpunk backpack

There are several factors that will affect the cost of a cyberpunk backpack and including:

  • The fabric of the backpack: Using higher-grade fabrics will largely increase the cost of the backpack, but the benefit is attractive, the backpack will be much more durable.
  • Dimension of backpack: Bigger backpack costs more materials, while buying a bigger backpack increases labor costs.
  • Structure of backpack: The complex backpack structure will increase labor costs.
  • Size of logo printing: The larger the logo size, the higher the printing cost

There are many other factors that affect prices, is you have needs, please contact us.

8. How to ensure the quality of a cyberpunk backpack?

A quality cyberpunk backpack should meet the requirements:

  • Clear patterns
  • Neat shape
  • Durable shoulder straps
  • Tight seams
  • No thread ends
  • Safe packaging

As a professional bag manufacturer, Honeyoung can customize backpacks for you, the cyberpunk includes many kinds of patterns, if you want something more unique and amazing, come and find us, our team can design the bag for you. We are good at the mass production of backpacks.

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