Backpack With Hidden Pocket: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Do you pack your private belongings in the backpack? Do you want them stay invisible? I believe lots of us have this kind of occasion in life. To solve this, backpack manufacturers decided to add a special pocket in the backpack, where you can put your little things in it. Honeyoung Bag will introduce the things you need to know about backpack with hidden pocket.
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1. What is hidden pocket?

Before we learn more about backpack with hidden pocket, we should know what is hidden pocket and what it is used for.

The hidden pocket is also known as secret pocket, or hidden compartment. It has invisible opening or zipper. Only the owners will know how to open it. Some of the hidden pockets are hard to find in the bag. Most of the secret pocket are in the main compartment of a bag, or in the shoulder straps. The hidden pockets create a secret space for owners to keep their valuable things.

1.1 Strap pockets

Strap pocket is a hidden pokcet in shulder straps, it has two advantage: great anti-theft, because the pocket is at the chest position, no one can steal your credit cards under your nose. another advantage is easy access, no need to take the backpack off the back when taking things in & out from the strap pocket.

1.2 Back panel hidden pockets

The back panel hidden pocket is a zipper pocket in the lower side of the back panel, I prefer the pocket, because the pocket can hold my keys and phone safely, it’s really hard for theives to steal my phone from this pocket while my back is contacted with the pocket.

1.3 Side hidden pocket

This kind of pocket is not so anti-theft, but it’s very convenient, it can stores your sunglasses case. the pocket can provides extra space for your things, to keep your belongings more organized.

Hidden pockets
Hidden pockets

2. Benefits of backpack with hidden pocket

When you are in a trip, you want to keep your keys and cards safe. A backpack with hidden pocket is actually anti-theft backpack. The backpack can protect your things and organize them. No ideas of where to put your phone when not in use? Get a backpack with hidden pocket so you can solve the problem.

3. Types of backpack with hidden pocket

As a laptop backpack manufacturer in China, Honeyoung knows many types of hidden pockets on backpacks. Each type of them is unique, and they can be added into nearly all kinds of bags. Many customers come to us, and they want us to add secret pockets into their bag products. If you have this kind of bag ideas, please tell us and we’ll give you a satisfying solution.

The hidden pocket can be added on the side of the backpack, that’s a solution combined invisibility and convenience. Multiple secret pockets are also available, providing more options for users.

PU backpack

PU backpack

Laptop backpack

Laptop backpack

Sling bag

Sling bag

Duffle bag

Duffle bag

Cooler bag

Cooler bag

4. MOQ of backpack with hidden pocket

When it comes to MOQs of Honeyoung backpack factory, we always tell customers that our lowest purchasing quantity is 500 per model and per color. Because we have raw material supply chains, that’s why we can provide good products with lower price. If the purchasing quantity is too low, we’ll be hard to undertake the mass production.

5. Cost of Backpack with hidden pocket

The cost of backpack with hidden pocket is no difference with regular backpack, because it just a pocket that can be added on any kinds of bag products.

The cost of adding a secret pocket includes:

Fabrics: If you want a pocket inside the backpack, you can choose a fabric different with outer fabric to lower the cost. If you choose to add a secret pocket outside or beside the backpack, the cost will be higher, in order to keep the tidy appearance of the bag, we generally will use the same fabric with the backpack.

Zippers: some of the hidden pocket have zippers, to make sure the things in the pocket will not fall out, this is also a factor affecting the cost

Quantity: The more quantity you order, the lower unit price you’ll get. We can get you lower quote by supplying raw materials in bulk, if you place a large order, the cost of the raw materials will decrease dramatically, hence we can get you lower price.

6. How to wholesale backpack with hidden pocket?

Find a reliable bag supplier: An experienced backpack manufacturer have advanced production machine and perfect management system. These will make sure you can get bag products of good quality.

Tell them what you need: Telling more details and requirements about your wanted products will do great help to bag suppliers. By knowing about their customers, the bag factory can do lots of things for you: precise recommendation, quotes, product marketing analyse, etc.

The above all are the guide provided by Honeyoung Bag, we aim to help you to do better in selling bags. If you have any problems, please contact us, we’ll reply within 24 hours.

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