Why China Bag Factory Don’t Make Customized Product for Individuals?

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I believe there are thousands of bag factories have experienced a situation like this: a customer called, said he want us to customize 3 bags for his children, each printed with different pattern. Moreover, the 3 bags are different in shape, these are sling bag, backpack and tote bag. We have to refused his requirement. Because most of the bag factories in China cannot provide such service, many customers might have doubts, that’s why we want to explain it through this article.

1. Materials are generally purchased in bulk

This is easy to understand, Materials that required during the production of bags are countless, including fabrics of the bags. It is impossible for a bag factory to purchase hundreds of materials just to make one bag, the cost will be too high for the factory and the customer. Some of the material are rare or not in stock, these has to customized or wait for quite a long time. Many material suppliers have their own MOQ and won’t sell in small quantity.

Raw material warehouse of Honeyoung bag factory

2. High material cost and too much waste

Nearly all kinds of raw materials: fabrics, foams and metal components, are involved in backpack production process. And their quantity has to reach a certain number, for example, a zipper,although you only need 3-5 zippers in one bag, but we have to purchase in bulk. So the rest of the zippers like hundreds will be left over. This will inevitably increase the cost of the bag. Even if we can, it is still too difficult to find specific materials on the market. The cost will eventually bear by customer, it’s uneconomical.

Customized backpack of Honeyoung Bag

3. Long producing period and high labor cost

Bag customization in a bag factory is generally made by workers, and labor cost is much higher than Machining cost of mass production. If you need only one bag, the bag has to be handmade by sample makers, it takes 1 day at least for the sample maker to make a bag. The sample maker has to work for the whole day to make one bag, it’s low efficient.If the structure of the bag is complicated, it will take more than one day to complete. The labor cost nowadays is 300 RMB per day at least, not to mention the cost of raw materials and time, the production cost for the single bag will be incredibly high.

Bag sample maker from Honeyoung factory

4. It’s not our advantage

It’s bag factory’s advantage to mass produce bag products, we work as a team, we have production lines, these dramatically decrease all types of production and purchase cost. But one or two backpack is impossible to put into mass production line. That’s why most of the bag factories in China won’t accept low quantity orders.

Production lines in Honeyoung bag industry area

5. High shipping cost

Sea transportation cost the lowest, but it is the slowest.

Land transportation cost is medium, but it can’t reach the destination across the ocean.

Air transportation cost the highest, but it is the fastest.

Bag factory generally use sea transportation, and it requires to reach certain quantity or weight. If we cannot reach it, we have to use delivery service, which costs the highest.

As an experienced China bag manufacturer for over two decades, Honeyoung Bag know customers very well, we can always recommend you the best products for you. We can customize your bags if you reach our MOQ of 500 PCS. It’s not only to reduce our cost, but also reduce yours. Our aim is to provide you the best quality bag with the most competitive price.Please contact us if you have any queries. If you are look for a bag factory, then we should be your best choice, you can visit our site to make sure.

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