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China is a major production hub, and many of the items used across the globe come from Chinese manufacturers. The same is the case with backpacks. Continue reading this article to find out who the best backpack brands in China are in 2022.

1. Are China backpacks popular in the world?

For years, American and European brands dominated the international backpack supply chain, with many of the backpacks used globally produced by Western brands. However, over the last decades, China has emerged as an international production powerhouse. Today, many Chinese brands have established themselves as major players in the international market.

China backpacks are popular across the world for two major reasons. Firstly, they are as good as European and American backpacks in terms of quality. Most Chinese brands adhere to strict TQM, which has translated to quality backpacks for the average consumer.

Secondly, their backpacks are much cheaper than those of their Western counterparts, and as you know, buyers prefer to pay less for items at every opportunity they can get. These two factors have made Chinese backpacks quite popular today, with many Chinese brands exporting their products to different countries across continents.

2. What is the difference between a China backpack and a USA backpack?

There are significant differences between China backpacks and ISA backpacks. These differences are quite significant.

2.1 Style

China backpacks have a different style from American backpacks. While the ones produced by the Chinese are purpose-built for academic purposes (for schoolchildren), US backpacks have a versatile design. This is why you can use them for multiple functions. However, that is not to say that you can only use Chinese backpacks for schooling. But their major focus is education. That is why they tend to have more pockets and compartments.

China backpack style
China backpack style

2.3 Popular types

The most popular Chinese backpacks are models for schooling and traveling, while the most popular American backpacks are laptops and hiking/backpacks. The Chinese travel a lot and prefer bags that aid their trips, while Americans do a lot of camping and hiking and prefer camping backpacks. Furthermore, their laptop backpacks have a versatile design, so they can also be used for schooling.

2.4 Indoor/Outdoor

Chinese backpacks are best suited for indoor spaces, while US and European backpacks are more for outdoor spaces; that is why they tend to have at least one secret pouch. Children’s mental and physical health is closely monitored. Americans and Europeans prefer to keep themselves outdoors so they can engage in sporting activities; this is why outdoor backpacks are preferred.

2.5 Size

On average, Western backpacks are bigger than Chinese backpacks because they are suited for outdoor engagements. However, big Chinese models are becoming more common these days.

3. Best China backpack brands in 2022

So let’s look at the best China backpack brands making waves in the international market today.

3.1 YC Bag

Year of Establishment: 2003


YC Bag has been in business for nearly two decades and has achieved certification for all its products. The brand is based in Fuzhou City, China ad its product is beginning to penetrate the international market. Their backpacks are user-friendly, eco-friendly, durable, and quite affordable. Furthermore, they manufacture bags according to order specifications; this is why many Western suppliers now buy from them.

Main products: PVC Backpack, Foldable Backpack, Leather Backpack, Laptop Backpack.

3.2 Honeyoung Bag

Year of Establishment: 1998


Honeyoung Bag is another major Chinese brand that has been able to stand out from the crowded field of backpack manufacturers. Their factory is located in Hefei, Anhui (near Shanghai). Currently, this brand is an export-oriented company, with most of its stock shipped out to other countries. Their major markets are North America and Europe. After many years of innovation, Honeyoung Bag has broken even to become one of China’s backpack manufacturers.

Main products: Duffle bags, laptop bags, school Bags, and drawstring bags.

3.3 Center Backpack Bag Co

Year of Establishment: 1996


Third on our list of the best China backpack brands is Center Backpack Bag Company. This brand operates from a factory in Huli New Technology Park in Xiamen and has been in existence since 1996. They use reusable products and durable fabrics to produce their products. Center Backpack Bag Company products are lightweight and designed for the global market because they export most of what they produce.

Main products: Cosmetics Bag, School Backpacks, Student Handbags, Kids Lunch Bag, Shoulder Bag, Kids Backpack,

3.4 Guangzhou Yakeda

Year of Establishment: 2006


Known in full as Guangzhou Yakeda Outdoor Travel Company LTD, this manufacturer based in Huadu District Guangzhou, China, made its name for producing tactical military equipment, including military-grade backpacks for the police and military. Their products are high quality, water resistant, and designed to handle pressure and weight. This is why they have successfully carved a niche for themselves in the industry. Although a significant percentage of their products are sold locally, they are beginning to increase exports.

Main products: Tactical Military Grade Backpack, Hiking Backpack, Camping Backpack

3.5 YaboBags

Year of Establishment: 2013


Yabo is headquartered in Quanzhou, Fijian Province of China, and has become one of the most successful luggage manufacturers in the country. Their designs are quite unique, and they use durable fabrics that last. By offering buyers quality backpacks and luggage at affordable prices, they have been able to increase their local market share. Due to their excellent product quality, their exports to Western countries have increased maximally.

Main products: Duffle Bag, Hiking Backpack, Laptop Backpack

3.6 Benshine

Year of Establishment: 2013


Last but not least, on our list of the best China backpack brands in 2022 is none other than Benshine. Benshine is based in Tongan District, Xiamen, China, and they have a vast range of backpack designs, styles, and models to cater to every need. Besides their general designs, they also produce customized designs for small and major brands, which is why they are a highly rated private label manufacturer. Benshine utilizes different fabrics ranging from canvas to cotton, tarpaulin, nylon, and polyester, to mention a few. As a result of their affordable prices and low MOQ, many brands, distributors, and retailers from other countries buy from them.

Main products: School Backpacks, Medical Backpack/Bag, Wine Bag, Guitar Bag, Shopping Bag, Drawstring Bag, Pet Bag.

These are six of the best China backpack brands in 2022. The local supply chain is very competitive in China, but these six brands stand out for their quality, innovation, and affordability.

4. How to choose a good China backpack?

So let’s assume you have decided to start selling backpacks, or you are already in the business of backpack marketing, but you are looking for a new supplier in China; what are the things to look out for when making a choice?

If you scan the internet, you will find many backpack brands that will confuse you. So to ensure that you only pick a brand that can guarantee the quality you desire, you need to evaluate several factors we discuss below.

4.1 Quality

The quality of the backpack they produce is the most important thing you look at. Quality is determined by the type of materials and accessories they use. Is the fabric of good or poor quality? Are the buckles cheap and substandard? If the backpack is manufactured with poor materials, it will fall apart in no time.

In fact, sourcing from China can be easy and reliable if you have a professional sourcing company to source high-quality backpack products for you. If you are not considered an experienced buyer, you can seek the help of such a company.

China backpack quality
China backpack quality

4.2 Materials

In relation to the point made above, take your time to evaluate the material quality. The best fabrics for backpacks are a combination of two or more fabrics rather than a single fabric. Polyester, canvas, nylon, and tarpaulin are popular fabrics. If the fabric has more than one layer, that’s even better because it is likely going to last for much longer than a single-layered fabric.

China backpack materials
China backpack materials

4.3 Function

The function of the backpack should also influence your choice. For instance, if what you want is a hiking backpack, you have no business skimming through a product list of laptop backpacks. To enjoy full value for your money, you should always go for a backpack that will satisfy your needs. However, if you want something you can use for different purposes, opt for a versatile option instead.

4.4 Brand Evaluation

Last but not least is to evaluate the brand. You want to review the opinions of buyers who have used their products. If you see 4/5 or 4.5/5 star customer review ratings, that means they produce very good backpacks that will guarantee value for money. However, we must point out that brand popularity should influence your choice solely. Let the quality of their products be the major determinant in swaying your decision.


The best China backpack brands in this article offer buyers durable and customer-friendly backpacks that guarantee value for money. They offer low MOQs and ship to any country, so you may opt for anyone for them if you are looking to secure your supply chain. Their product lists are quite extensive, so you enjoy the luxury of choice.

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