Top 10 Wheelchair Backpack in the USA

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Wheelchair backpacks have been around for a long time now to cater to those with special needs. In the US, there are backpack brands that stand out in terms of quality and convenience. If you want to buy a backpack for personal use or for a loved one, we are sure you’ll want a very durable one. In this article, we review the top ten wheelchair backpacks in the US. We also provide useful information about wheelchair backpacks and what you can use them for.

1. What is a wheelchair backpack?

As the term implies, a wheelchair backpack is a special backpack designed for physically challenged people. This backpack can easily be attached to the back of a wheelchair, so the user does not have to carry it on their lap. Wheelchair backpacks come with adjustable straps and a host of sophisticated features for convenience. 

You can keep your laptop, devices, files, medicine, and a host of other items inside wheelchair backpacks. Some also have it divided into promoting item organization, so you know where which item is kept at all times. If you study it in depth, it is actually a special-purpose backpack.

What is a wheelchair backpack
What is a wheelchair backpack

2. A Wheelchair backpack is very convenient for wheelchair users

Wheelchair backpacks are convenient for people who are partially or permanently disabled. They offer more convenience than conventional backpacks due to how the zippers and straps are designed, including compartment placements. Not only can it be used to carry different items, but it is also lighter than most conventional backpacks.

Special emphasis is placed on the weight the backpack will have on the wheelchair, so manufacturers use light fabric to reduce weight. Furthermore, some models have a special compartment for medicines. The compartment is often insulated, and some even have special cross signs so the user can identify it among the other storage.

Convenient wheelchair backpack
Convenient wheelchair backpack

Let’s also not forget to add that some have special reflective strips so they can be seen in the dark. The overall design of wheelchair backpacks is to offer the user convenience and safety of items.

2.1 A Wheelchair backpack can be hung on the back of the wheelchair

Most wheelchair backpacks are hung on the backs of the wheelchair for two major reasons. Firstly, it is to provide comfort, so the user does not have to carry it on their lap. This design frees their hands so they can move the wheelchair easily. Secondly, placing the backpack behind the wheelchair makes it easy for onlookers to see the reflection strip in the dark.

2.2 A Wheelchair backpack can store many items

The items you can store in a backpack are too numerous to mention, such as medicines, laptops, iPads, other devices, books, and files, just to mention a few. You can also store your lunchbox in the main compartment and a water bottle in the water bottle pouch or a holder (if it has one).

Wheelchair backpack can store many items
A wheelchair backpack can store many items

2.3 Buying a good wheelchair backpack is vital

Buying a wheelchair backpack is a good idea, but what is more important is buying a good one that will serve for a long time. Here are the things to look out for when shopping for backpacks for wheelchairs.

Quality: You want to make sure that the backpack is made of quality materials. Evaluate the fabric, zipper, straps, and other features. You want a backpack that will not fall apart after a few months.

Ease of use: The backpack should be easy to use. All the pockets, straps, and accessories should be arranged for convenience. Avoid backpacks with complicated zippers, narrow openings, or rigid straps.

Function: The backpack should be designed for wheelchairs because wheelchair backpacks have special functions that normal backpacks don’t have, like attachments for hanging it to the wheelchair loop.

Weight/Capacity: You want a backpack that is light but can accommodate a significant volume of items at the same time. There should be a perfect balance between capacity and weight.

3. Top wheelchair backpacks in the USA

Here are ten of the best wheelchair backpacks in the US market.

3.1 Dopho Oxford Cloth Wheelchair Backpack

First on our list of the best wheelchair backpack in the US is Dopho. This one is made with durable Oxford fabric with a waterproof body and inner layers. Dopho is machine washable and has pockets for mobile devices and gadgets. You can also fit larger items inside the 7.87-inch by 20cm interior.

With a large compartment to store your items, you have nothing to worry about. This backpack fits most standard wheelchairs with two loops that allow you to hang it effortlessly. The lops are effective, so the backpack will not fall off.

Dopho Wheelchair Backpack
Dopho Wheelchair Backpack


  • Quality zipper
  • Large and small compartment
  • Durable waterproof fabric
  • Lightweight


  • Small pockets

3.2 P&F Quality Scooter Wheelchair Backpack With Cup Holder

P&F is another very good wheelchair backpack in the UD market. This model has an insulated compartment where you can keep your medicine and lunch safe and protected from external temperatures. It is specially designed to fit motorized electric wheelchairs, but you can also use it for manual wheelchairs. P&F is functional, with an extra large backseat storage bag that can carry two water bottles. There is also a special compartment for holding cups.

It is lightweight and relatively easy to hang and remove from wheelchair loops. Furthermore, there is a special space for cardholders’ chips and other electronic gadgets. Overall, it is designed to give users comfort when they are on the move.

P&F Quality Scooter Wheelchair Backpack
P&F Quality Scooter Wheelchair Backpack


  • Unique design
  • Padded straps
  • Special medical alert compartment with attached symbol


  • A little bulky

3.3 IssyAuto Wheelchair Backpack

The Issyauto backpack for wheelchairs has different compartments for convenience, like the pouch, space for accessories, a cup holder, and an inner storage bag for your files. This backpack can contain a significant number of items, so you can leave home with all your important effects. There is one main space, a side pocket, and an inner pocket, which allows you to separate your items into different spaces so you can find them at short notice when you need them.

Issyauto is designed with a thin material and a padded sponge lining. The fabric has breathable holes for air penetration. You can also expand the bag by 6-8 inches to accommodate all your items like your purse, phone, medicine files, and more.

IssyAuto Wheelchair Backpack
IssyAuto Wheelchair Backpack


  • Heavy-duty straps
  • Easy to open and close
  • Five storage compartment
  • Reflective night strips


  • A little expensive

3.4 Vive Wheelchair Backpack for Seniors

Fourth on our list of backpacks for a wheelchair is the Vive bag for seniors. This bag is available in 15 different colors, so you have an extended option list. It is so versatile that you can use it as a travel bag if you want to. The Vive has unisex value and will fit all standard wheelchairs effectively. The straps are adjustable with a hands-free design.

It boasts an inner pocket that measures 19 x 14 inches, which is more than enough width to accommodate most of your items. There are also outer pockets to hold snacks, devices, and smaller items. Vive’s straps are easy to install, and the bag is sold with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Vive Wheelchair Backpack
Vive Wheelchair Backpack


  • Machine washable
  • Waterproof
  • Lightweight


  • The fabric is not thick

3.5 Honeyoung Wheelchair Walker Backpack

Honeyoung is a reliable brand, and this accessory backpack of theirs is one of the best we have seen. It is made of 100% nylon with an easy-clasp system for quick strap adjustment. Honeyoung can be used by all ages, especially for senior walkers or those with disabilities. Measuring 18 inches in width and 16 inches tall, you have more than enough space to keep all your personal effects.

This backpack can be used for a standard wheelchair, a Caddie wheelchair, or as a walker bag. The 70-inch Denier nylon Duro-tech fabric may be light, but it is stain-resistant. The inner pocket comes in handy for storing your precious valuables. This backpack is a perfect gift for anyone who uses a wheelchair.

Pembrook Wheelchair Walker Backpack
Honeyoung Wheelchair Walker Backpack


  • Water-resistant
  • Reflective strips for easy identification in the dark
  • Functional features


  • It is easily stained

3.6 DMI Wheelchair Rollator Bag for the Elderly

For older people who prefer a lighter bag that can be opened easily and transported to and from the wheelchair, the DMI Wheelchair is the ideal backpack for them. This bag is designed for disabled and elderly people. The straps are easy to install and open with an extra wide compartment for large and small items. DMI can carry your laptop, iPad, or wallet, and you can even use it for grocery shopping.

The nylon fabric is machine washable in case you don’t want to handwash it. There is also a roller strap for attaching the bag to the wheelchair. The straps are flexible and stretchable for comfort and easy access. Storing multiple items in DMI is easy.

DMI Wheelchair Rollator Bag
DMI Wheelchair Rollator Bag


  • Built for convenience
  • Substantial interior space
  • Machine washable


  • It lacks a reflective strip

3.7 Samdew Hang on Back Wheelchair Backpack

Seventh on our list is this Hang on Back Wheelchair backpack for manual and motorized wheelchairs. It has a thermal pocket for medicine and food storage with adjustable straps on both sides. Samdew has a special pocket for your accessories with a detachable shoulder strap that can cross the wheelchair’s armrest. The main compartment is 15.6 inches with an elastic pocket and two side pockets. There is also a transfer sling and a zipper pocket.

Samdew works for both motorized and manual wheelchairs, so you are not limited in any way. It is useful, convenient, and offers value for money. Even the medical strips on the body is a thoughtful design for emergency situations.

Samdew Hang on Back Wheelchair Backpack
Samdew Hang on Back Wheelchair Backpack


  • Buckle waist to secure it to the wheelchair
  • Useful for short or long trips
  • Several pockets


  • Limited color and size options

3.8 Swisselite Wheelchair Storage Backpack

A Swisselite storage backpack for wheelchairs effectively is a must for physically challenged people who are active and always on the move. Its practical design allows the user to carry out daily tasks in comfort and in style, with more than enough space to keep valuable items. You can connect it to modern wheelchairs, including walker wheelchairs, transport chairs, and bariatric chairs.

The pocket openings are wide, so the user can easily take out items without completely detaching the backpack from the wheelchair. But if you decide to remove the backpack, it is as easy as unbuckling the straps without assistance. Swisselite is spacious, comfortable, and ideal for daily use.

Swisselite Wheelchair Storage Backpack
Swisselite Wheelchair Storage Backpack


  • Versatile features
  • Large internal storage
  • Easy to install and uninstall


  • No reflective strips
  • Expensive

3.9 iMedic Adult & Seniors Deluxe Wheelchair Backpack

iMedic deluxe backpack is a convenient storage backpack for adults and seniors who use wheelchairs. It provides convenient and useful storage when on the move. This backpack will attach to the rear handles of any wheelchair using two looped straps, and once attached, iMedic will remain in place and not fall off. Made with a polyester and PVC combination, you enjoy a durable fabric that will stand the test of time.

iMedic is lightweight, strong, and waterproof, with zippered pockets and compartments strategically placed for easy access. It is also a useful storage bag for caregivers tending to the needs of a dependent. 

iMedic Adult & Seniors Deluxe Wheelchair Backpack
iMedic Adult & Seniors Deluxe Wheelchair Backpack


  • Easy access
  • Simple design
  • Strong and waterproof fabric


  • Not suited for heavy items

3.10 Quickie Wheelchair Backpack

Last but not least, among our top ten backpacks in the US is Quickie. This backpack is compatible with other accessories by the manufacturer and more. It has compartments divided into different parts with push handles for easy hanging to the wheelchair. Quickie also has easy zipper pulls, so you can easily open any of the compartments to easily access any item.

The compartments are arranged perfectly for easy organization, so you can store your items strategically and get easy access later on. The Quickie is designed for convenience and flexibility.

Quickie Wheelchair Backpack
Quickie Wheelchair Backpack


  • Works with most wheelchairs
  • Wide interior space
  • Convenient handles


  • The straps are not detachable


Wheelchair backpacks come in different sizes and colors, but they all serve the same purpose; to provide safe storage for adults who move around on wheelchairs. All the backpacks reviewed above are some of the best in the US. Whichever brand you buy will offer you the value you desire.

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