Backpack Anatomy: The Ultimate Guide

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Understanding what each part of a backpack does is an important thing for consumers and purchasers alike. In this article, we describe in detail those common parts of a backpack.

1. Backpack Anatomy

Backpack anatomy
Anatomy of a backpack from behind
Backpack anatomy from behind
Anatomy of a backpack from inside
Backpack anatomy from inside

2. Backpack Main accessories list

When we do backpack anatomy, we first need to understand the components of the backpack. What are their names and what do they do? Read the following section to get the answers.

2.1 Clips

The main purpose of the backpack clips is to adjust and fix the body of the backpack, or to fix the backpack straps on the body. Clips are in most cases used in conjunction with backpack straps. Clips can be used to adjust the length of the bag strap.

There are so many different types of clips that it would be an impossible task to list them all here, but that’s okay, the styles have evolved with the use and function of the backpack, just like the length and thickness of screws. We also have an article on backpack clips that has very in-depth and detailed content, please enjoy.

backpack buckle
Backpack buckle

2.2 Zipper System

Zippers and zipper heads are the main parts of a backpack and they are inseparable. The most common zipper system belongs to the zipper giant YKK, which has always been the benchmark in both the backpack and apparel industries.

Backpack zipper
Backpack zipper

2.3 Reflective strip

The purpose of reflective strips is to enhance the safety of users when walking at night, making them easier to spot. The common reflective strip is used to refract light to achieve an effect of eye-catching. There is also a fluorescent reflective strip, which can absorb light during the day and light exposure, and is self-luminous when in a dark environment.

Backpack reflective strip
Backpack reflective strip

2.4 Hidden Pockets

Hidden Pockets provide users with excellent privacy and anti-theft features. If you have private items that need to be hidden, you can put them in the hidden pockets in the main compartment. Valuable items such as keys, credit cards and cell phones that need to be accessed at all times can be placed in hidden pockets in the shoulder straps and back panel.

Backpack hidden pocket
Backpack hidden pocket

Related Article: Backpack With Hidden Pocket: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

2.5 USB charging port and headphone jack

Having a USB charging port and headphone port on your backpack can be extremely convenient. If your phone is running low on battery, you can simply plug it into your backpack to charge it.

And if you want to listen to music or podcasts while you’re on the go, you can plug your headphones into your backpack’s headphone port. to avoid having to deal with tangled cables in your bag.

Backpack USB charging port and headphone port
Backpack USB charging port and headphone port

2.6 Velcro

Adding Velcro to your backpack can be a great way to add a bit of extra security. By doing so, you can make sure that your backpack stays shut even if you are carrying it around in a busy area. By doing so, you can make sure that your backpack stays shut even if you are carrying it around in a busy area. Additionally, Velcro can also help to keep your backpack from opening up and spilling its contents.

Velcro can also be sewn onto elastic bands for limiting the laptop in the pocket.

Velcro opening
Velcro opening

2.7 Elastic band

If you’ve ever wondered what those backpack elastic bands are for, wonder no more! They actually serve a few different purposes.

For one, they help to keep the backpack closed and prevent things from falling out. They also help to distribute the weight of the contents evenly, which can make carrying a heavy backpack a lot more comfortable.

Additionally, backpack elastic bands can be used to attach things to the outside of the backpack, like a water bottle or a jacket. This can free up some space inside the backpack and make it easier to access items.

So next time you see a backpack with elastic bands, now you know what they’re for.

Elastic bands
Elastic bands

2.8 Backpack straps

Backpack straps are one of the main components of a backpack, and together with backpack buckles they can form adjustable backpack straps.

Backpack shoulder straps are attached to backpack straps. Shoulder straps come in S-curved and J-curved varieties. There are some backpacks for everyday casual use that use straight shoulder straps. if you want to know more, please read: Backpack Strap: The Ultimate Guide

Backpack straps
Backpack straps

2.9 Rivets

The rivets on backpacks have two uses: one is for decoration and the other is for reinforced fastening. Rivets are usually made of metal and can be used as decoration to accentuate the texture of the backpack. Rivets can also be used to connect and reinforce the fabric to the webbing.

Compared to the traditional sewing process, rivet reinforcement is more wear-resistant and stronger. The application of rivets on backpacks is similar to the rivets on jeans.

Backpack rivets
Backpack rivets

2.10 Magnetic button

Magnetic buttons and Velcro are very similar, but they still have a big difference. Velcro will not easily fall apart if it is pulled horizontally, even if the case of pulling off the strap, the Velcro may not fall apart. And the magnetic buckle connection seems softer, without particularly strong fixing strength, it is more suitable as a decoration, such as an additional piece of fabric to cover the main pocket zipper, in order to reveal a more neat and sleek backpack appearance.

Magnetic buckles can also be used to secure extra lengths of straps to prevent them from fluttering in the wind.

Magnetic buttons
Magnetic buttons

2.11 Belt keepers

After adjusting the backpack straps, if there is an extra length, you can use the Belt keeper or strap to fix the bag straps to prevent flinging.

Belt keepers are usually made of plastic or metal, if the customer has a higher budget and wants to customize a better quality backpack, then they can choose this.

In fact, elastic straps are more practical, simpler and therefore less costly. Moreover, the belt keepers are not a necessary component for backpacks, so even if the more expensive backpacks use restriction straps made of elastic straps, they can also highlight the quality of this backpack.

Backpack belt keeper
Backpack belt keeper

2.12 Fabrics

Fabric has always been a clichéd subject in the backpack industry, in this article it is no longer the protagonist because we have written an article for it, please read: Backpack Fabrics: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Backpack fabrics
Backpack fabrics
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