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Many backpackers choose to attach their gear to the exterior of their pack for a variety of reasons, including the fact that their pack is too cumbersome, the fact that they need to carry additional supplies, the fact that they want their gear to be easily accessible, or the fact that it is wet, and they have to keep it apart from their dry clothing. Although some methods for attaching goods to the exterior of a backpack, such as using a backpack clip, are practically universal, other methods vary. This article will cover everything there is to know regarding backpack clips and other related topics!

1. What is a backpack clip?

backpack clip
backpack clip

It’s a clip mechanism that maintains the padded shoulder straps linked across your torso, specifically your sternum. This protects the backpack from sliding off your shoulders. Not only that, but it also serves several other purposes, such as acting as an additional weight carrier and serving as a grip at the same time!

2. Materials Of Backpack Clips

When it comes to design, backpack clips can be made out of a wide variety of materials. In the subsequent sentences, we will discuss several of these materials and their properties.

2.1 Plastic

Plastic backpack clip
Plastic backpack clip

The vast majority of backpack clips are made out of plastic because it is the most convenient material. PVC plastic is typically the material of choice when it comes to the production of backpack clips. Plastic clips are standard and can be found in nearly every bag.

2.2 Aluminium

Aluminium backpack clip
Aluminium backpack clip

There are some aluminium scraps left behind after making backpack clips. It is combined with a few other components and even put on top of plastic clips to give them a shiny appearance, in addition to making the clips somewhat more durable.

2.3 Steel

Steel is mainly used for the manufacturing of camping bags. The steel used for backpack clips is molten at high temperatures. This is because the size of the clip is so small. Steel backpack clips are the most durable and can last more than a decade.

2.4 Copper

Copper backpack clip
Copper backpack clip

Even though copper is not a particularly long-lasting material, it is often employed in the production of backpack clips. Copper alloy is formed from the material after it is melted. In this process, copper is strengthened by being combined with other types of metal in various proportions. Copper clips are notoriously difficult to come by; their production involves a great deal of labour and can be very expensive.

3. What are the uses of backpack clips?

Everything has its purpose, and the same is true for backpack clips. In this section, we will explain the use of backpack clips in detail.

3.1 Adjustment

Backpacks can, although makes things easier to carry the can, sometimes pose some issues, and you have to make sure that you are comfortable. For that purpose, adjusting a backpack is a must thing to do; to do that, you need a backpack clip. It will make your life so much easier and allow you to carry a lot of weight comfortably.

3.2 Linking straps

In addition to helping with the adjustments of a backpack. There is a linking strap used for altering the fit. The majority of backpacks do not come equipped with it, so to use a linking strap, you must have a backpack clip. The linking strap’s dual functions are to distribute the weight of the backpack so that your shoulders do not become overly sore and to maintain the position of the shoulder straps so that they do not slip off your shoulders.

Linking Straps
Linking Straps

The linking strap ensures that the shoulder straps do not slide off your chest. When the sternum strap is pulled tighter, more weight is moved away from the chest. On the other side, if a sternum strap is excessively tight, it might begin to restrict your circulation and strain your neck over your trapezius in addition to your chest muscles. Additionally, it can cause discomfort in your chest muscles. Although some chest straps are immovable, the vast majority of them can be modified in height and width across the chest by the use of adjustment buckles.

In addition to the clips, the other parts of the backpack are equally important, and we all know that they are a whole and each part has its role. If you want to learn about each and every part of a backpack, check out Backpack Anatomy: The Ultimate Guide for more information.

4. Types Of Backpack Clips

If you were to explore the market for backpacks in greater depth, you would discover that many distinct types of backpack clips can be purchased. In the following paragraphs, we will go over the three most common varieties and discuss the applications for each.

4.1 Nylon Clips

Backpack Nylon Clips
Backpack Nylon Clips

These kinds of backpack clips are comparable to plastic clips; however, they include wings that can be expanded and have a bit more flexibility. On the other hand, they are not as long-lasting as the plastic ones, and they are certainly nowhere like as strong as the metal ones. You should only purchase the Nylon clips for the purpose for which they were designed because they serve a unique function.

4.2 Plastic Clips

Backpack Plastic Clips
Backpack Plastic Clips

Plastic clips are the most common backpack clips; they are inexpensive, readily available almost everywhere, and included with most backpacks. Plastic clips are not only inexpensive but may also be easily changed. Plastic clips are ideal for you if you are the type of person who utilizes a backpack for both personal and work purposes. They are much easier to find than metal clips and are significantly less expensive.

4.3 Metal Clips

Backpack Metal Clips
Backpack Metal Clips

These are the strongest backpack clips on our lists. The Metal side-release clips provide a secure stronghold and are meant to last for at least 5 years. Because they are composed of strong metal, they are not prone to breaking like plastic, but the wings cannot expand to the point where both sides can catch at the same time, making things challenging for consumers at times.

5. How Much Weight Can Plastic Backpack Clips Handle

The conditions in which they are used determine the amount of weight they can support. You can’t utilize them to support a large quantity of weight. In the end, they are manufactured from plastic. However, we are of the opinion that there should not be a problem with its use in normal life and at work. If we look at customer feedback and product reviews, nobody has had anything negative to say about this product.

6. How To Choose A Backpack With Good Clips?

An overwhelming variety of bags are available, each featuring a unique backpack clip and a varied combination of additional accessories. Therefore, before you go into a few thousand comprehensive words that nobody really wants to read, here is a summary and brief guidance on what to look for in a backpack with clips.

  • Check that the clips fit the straps of the backpack nicely and that they don’t move around.
  • If you intend to use the clip for heavy use, it must be constructed out of some form of metal. A backpack with plastic clips is another option for use daily that you have.
  • Ensure the clips are attached tightly and do not shift or become disconnected.
  • Examine the general quality of the backpack and the stitching, and make certain that it is not constructed out of fragile and inexpensive material and has bad stitching.
  • Put the clip to the test by suspending some weight from it; if it dangles excessively, you should steer clear of it.

7. How much do backpack clips cost?

The cost of a set of backpack clips can range from $7 to $26 depending on the quantity purchased (they can be purchased in bulk or as individual sets). Therefore, it is dependent on the resources that you have available. On the other hand, they are not as pricey as the other components of the backpack, and since you do not need to purchase them regularly, it is a wise investment!

8. What The Manufacturer Has To Say

8.1 Backpack clips are equally important with fabrics

A person shopping for a backpack could check the quality of the material used to make the backpack, namely the fabric. Is the surface slick or rough, the texture gentle or abrasive, and the stitching neat or sloppy? Even though checking the quality of the fabric is required, the attention to detail shown in the backpack’s clips is the most important factor in determining the bag’s overall quality. You best ensure that the clips on your backpack are sturdy and constructed of good-quality material. When this condition is met, a buyer might consider purchasing the backpack.

8.2 Professional backpack factory will choose better clips for your backpack

As we said previously, having good-quality backpack clips is quite important. It is reasonable to assume that most businesses that produce backpacks of a high standard also pay close attention to the quality of the backpack clips they use. Because this aspect of the bag might either build or damage their reputation in the market!!

9. Conclusion

A backpack manufacturer‘s functionality can be increased in various ways, allowing you to haul much more stuff when necessary. These solutions frequently depend on your bag’s specific properties, most notably your backpack clip. We hope you enjoyed reading our article and learned some knowledge about backpack clips!

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