Backpack Charms: The Ultimate Buying Guide

As a thing representing one’s taste, backpack charms also are decorative gadgets to improve the experience. Today, let us explore all the details of backpack charms. Knowing more about backpack charms will be helpful in purchase or wholesale, no matter if you are a consumer or a wholesaler. Although they are not necessities, they surely can be the icing on the cake.
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1. what is a backpack charm? Why you need it?

The definition of a backpack charm is a small ornament, which can be connected to many things such as schoolbags, keys, bicycles, phone cases, clothes with a ring, or a chain.

1.1 Brand advertising

Some famous brands sometimes will provide backpack charms to their backpacks, which will make their products harmonious as a whole. In addition, customized ornaments emphasize the brand logo, which makes it more vivid, so that more people are attracted by the brand.

1.2 Enhance the charm of a backpack by highlighting personality

If you are using a classic or popular backpack, you may happen to wear the same kind of backpacks as others’ when you go out. Having a personalized backpack charm will make your backpack look different. A backpack charm can make the classic backpack more attractive.

1.3 Charm can be used as the extender of zipper head to achieve easier open

The zipper buckle of some backpacks is small and inconvenient to use. In this case, if we put a small backpack charm on the zipper buckle, It will be more convenient to use.

2. Styles

There are various kinds of styles of backpack charms. Here we listed the 9 most popular ones.

2.1 Rubber charm

Backpack charm: Rubber charms

The soft rubber charms have various shapes and colors, are mostly shaped into animation characters or logos of basketball teams.

This is one of the most common styles, which is low cost.

2.2 Metal charm

backpack charm: Metal charm

There are many materials for metal charms. The common ones are stainless steel or alloy, which can be made into more shapes and can be made into three-dimensional models, such as car models, character sculptures, etc. Metal charms enjoy the best quality. Without considering the brand premium, the price of metal charm is the highest. It is recommended to sell separately.

2.3 Plush charm

Backpack charm: Plush charm

Compared with metal charms, plush ones have lower costs and lighter weight. Plush charm is very suitable for hanging on backpacks. There are many plush charms on Instagram, such as pink leopard and cartoon crocodile.

2.4 Acrylic charm

Backpack charm: Acrylic charm

Acrylic Pendant can be customized. People like to customize their name and contact information on it as a contact card.

2.5 Charm of a license plate or a military plate

Backpack charm: Military charm

Customize your license plate on plastic or metal sheet, or customize your name, blood type and other information. The backpack pendant can not only be hung on the backpack, but also be strung with a necklace and worn around the neck.

2.6 Component charm

Backpack charm: Wankel Engine charm

Some people will customize charms that represent their hobbies or beliefs to express themselves. For example, cycling enthusiasts will customize a charm into a cog and car enthusiasts will customize it into a Wankel engine.

2.7 Miniature charm

Backpack charm: Miniature charm

People will scale down their favorite items into backpack charm, which is usually made of plastic and rubber.

2.8 Mock-up charm

Backpack charm: Mock up charm

Many animation otakus prefer this kind of backpack charm. They will buy models of popular film and television characters such as Avengers and Hatsune Miku. The copyright control of mock-up is strict, so the price is relatively expensive. It is more suitable for self-purchase collection or as a gift.

2.9 brand logo charms

Backpack charm: Brand logo charm

Brand charm is usually a pendant customized by brand owners, which is specially used as giveaways or advertisement. The form is unified, as they adopt the form of brand logo.

3. Connecting components of backpack charms

3.1 Key ring

Backpack charm: Key ring
Backpack charm: Key ring

3.2 Metal chain rings

Backpack charm: Steel loop
Backpack charm: Steel loop

3.3 Carabiner Clips

Backpack charm: Safety buckle
Backpack charm: Safety buckle

3.4 Ornament clasp

Backpack charm: ornaments clasp
Backpack charm: ornaments clasp

3.5 Bead chain

Backpack charm: Bead chain
Backpack charm: Bead chain

3.6 Rope

Backpack charm: Rope
Backpack charm: Rope

4. Customization of backpack charms

4.1 Selection of manufacturing process

The manufacturing process of backpack charms largely determines the cost. Therefore, we should determine the purchase of types of charms according to the use of them. If you are a brand trader or retailer, it is best to choose rubber charms and brand logo charms, because the cost is low, and bright colors and patterns can better show your brand and maximize publicity. If you are a supermarket supplier or a backpack retailer, don’t hesitate to choose more personalized metal and plush charms. If you are a consumer pursuing individuality, a miniature charm or a mock-up charm will more fit your idea.

4.2 Selection of connection method of charms

The connection method of backpack charms is not limited. Generally speaking, if you need to hang keys and cards, you should choose metal keychain rings and key buckles clasps. The Carabiner Clips is suitable for outdoor backpacks. Beads ball chain and ropes are better for casual backpacks, which various differently in color and material.

5. Backpack charms are favored by children and students, making backpacks more popular

Backpack charms and backpacks are complementary products. For both sellers and consumers, backpack charms are the primary accessory of a backpack. Since the main users of backpack charms are children and students, the potential of charms is very considerable in the market of students’ and children’s backpacks.

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