Backpack Hang Tag: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Backpack hang tags are an integral part of backpacks and they serve many purposes. So what materials are backpack hang tags made of? What printing process does it use? And how much does it cost? Explore this article, you’ll get everything you want to know about backpack hang tags.
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1. The role of backpack HANG tags

1.1 Branding

Backpack hang tags can be printed with a company’s logo and brand name, which is a great way to showcase your brand. Some companies even print the photos of celebrity endorsers or models on the hang tags, which is a mini advertisement. This gives an image that is intuitive and plays a very good promotional role.

Backpack hang tag: Brand promotion
Backpack hang tag: Brand promotion

1.2 Information display

The backpack hang tag contains information on the backpack model, specifications, fabric composition, washing methods, precautions, barcode and so on. These are exactly what reflect the guiding role of the backpack hang tag. The barcode on the hang tag allows customers to check out quickly at the cashier.

Backpack hang tag: Laundry Label
Backpack hang tag: Laundry label

1.3 Price information

Most backpack hang tags will have a price tag to make it easier for consumers to choose the backpack according to their budget. Here is another promotional tip from the merchant. Many merchants will put the price on the tag on the high side and then run promotions to give consumers a so-called discount. This is a disguised way of boosting sales of backpacks.

Backpack hang tag: Price tag
Backpack hang tag: Price tag

1.4 Anti-counterfeiting

Some of the most expensive backpacks have anti-counterfeiting logos on their tags, which protect the rights of the consumer and the interests of the merchant.

2. Shapes and sizes of backpack tags

Backpack hang tags are highly customisable and therefore come in a wide range of shapes. Most backpack tags are a single rectangular shape, but some merchants may choose to put two tags on a backpack, a main tag and a secondary tag.

Backpack hang tag: tag shape
Backpack hang tag: tag shape

The size of a backpack tag is determined by the content to be carried on the tag. If you have a lot of content on your tag, you will need to choose a larger size. If the tag is just the brand name, bar code and price, a 2.75*1.375 inch tag will be sufficient.

Backpack hang hag: tag size
Backpack hang hag: tag size

3. Material and thickness of backpack hang tags

Let’s take a look at the characteristics and thickness of the materials commonly used for backpack hang tags.

3.1 300g coated paper

 Backpack hang tag;300g coated paper

Wide applicability, support for colour printing, full colour and high smoothness.

3.2 300g coated paper laminated

Backpack hang tag: 300g coated paper laminated

Wide applicability, support for colour printing, full colour, high smoothness, double-sided lamination, waterproof and oil-proof.

3.3 400g coated paper lamination

Backpack hang tag: 400g coated paper lamination

Wide applicability, support for colour printing, good thickness and toughness, slightly thicker than business cards.

3.4 800g coated paper lamination

Backpack hang tag: 800g coated paper lamination

Wide applicability, support for colour printing, hard paper, slightly thicker than bank cards.

3.5 400g oiled paper card

Backpack hang tag:400g oiled paper card

No lamination on the surface of the paper, oiling effect added, support for colour printing, text on the surface.

3.6 350g Kraft paper

Backpack hang tag: 350g Kraft paper

Tawny natural colour, flat paper, soft paper, high breakage resistance, good printing effect.

4. Printing process for backpack hang tags

The most common printing methods for backpack hang tags are monochrome printing and CMYK printing, in addition to some high-grade printing processes.

4.1 Monochrome printing

Backpack hang tag: Monochrome printing

Monochrome printing is usually a black logo and text printed on a white hang tag. This printing process keeps the hang tag simple and costs minimal.

4.2 CMYK printing

Backpack hang tag: CMYK printing

CMYK printing is full of colour and flat text.

4.3 Hot stamping

Backpack hang tag: Hot stamping

Hot stamping is a stamping process with a clear and beautiful design.

4.4 Crystal Embossing

Backpack hang tag: Crystal Embossing

The surface of the paper is raised to form a pattern or text with layers.

4.5 Colourless Embossing

Backpack hang tag; Colourless Embossing

Deformation of the paper under pressure, with an embossed three-dimensional feel.

4.6 Gravure

Backpack hang tag: Gravure

The surface of the paper is depressed and has an embossed effect.

5. Cost of backpack hang tags

When a backpack brand owner approaches a backpack manufacturer for customized backpack, apart from product design and quality, cost is the most important topic of concern. There are four main factors that contribute to the cost of a backpack hang tag.

5.1 Size

The larger the size, the more paper, and the higher the cost.

5.2 Material

The better the paper material, the higher the cost of the hang tag.

5.3 Printing process

The more responsible the printing process, the higher the cost of the tag.

5.4 Quantity

In larger quantities, the lower the cost, and backpack tags are no exception.

As a backpack manufacturer, we have ordered many different tags for our customers.

If a hang tag has the following product information.

Size 6*4 CM

300g coated paper

Printed in one colour on one side

5000 pieces are purchased at one time

It would cost approximately 0.1 RMB or 0.015 USD.

Backpack hang tags are considered as one of the main items in bag customization. As a professional bag manufacturer in China, Honeyoung can customize backpack hang tags for your bag products. If you don’t know how to design the hang tag, leave the problem to us and we’ll work that out.

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