Medical Backpack:The Ultimate Guide

As a professional bag manufacturer in China. Houneyoung Bag quickly noticed that medical backpack has become popular around the globe. Many customers come to us and want to know more about the market and the product. So we write this to answer some of the question you may curious about. Let's dive right in.
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1. COVID-19 has led to a surge in demand for medical backpack

COVID-19 continues to rage around the world and the epidemic is still out of control in many countries. The demand for disinfection and prevention is growing. Many people carry alcohol, hand sanitizer, face masks, disposable gloves and other protective equipment with them when they go out. Ordinary computer backpacks and single-shoulder bags may not be able to meet the needs of daily travel in the COVID-19 epidemic, therefore, there is a surge in demand for backpacks that can carry daily supplies and quarantine supplies.

2. Types and functions of medical backpack

Medical backpack is divided into many types, which is suitable for different people. It can be classified into these types according to the use of people:

2.1 Military medical backpack

The appearance of military medical backpacks is generally camouflage pattern, which is to better hide themselves from the enemy on the battlefield. Most of those who choose medical backpacks are military doctors or military enthusiasts. Their medical backpacks contain a variety of tactical items, such as flashlights and tactical pens, medical supplies and first aid injections.

Military medical backpack

2.2 Medical first aid backpack

Medical first aid backpacks are usually red or white. The backpack contains cutting tools, medicine, hemostatic supplies, syringes and whistles, etc, which is suitable for emergency doctors or professional rescue personnel.

Medical first aid backpack

2.3 Medical backpack for outdoor enthusiasts

Outdoor enthusiasts prefer medical backpack with large capacity and comfort of the carrying system. It is often necessary to have hanging ropes and safety clasps on the body of the backpack. The color of the backpack is bright, for it is inevitable to encounter emergencies in the wild, such as getting lost. The bright color helps you to be recognized by your companions, or be recognized faster in the search and rescue. In addition to basic medicines, there are various survival tools: raincoats, safety buckles, compass, flint, rock climbing equipment, etc.

Outdoor medical backpack

2.4 Home medical bag

The medical kit for home use is more like a medicine storage bag, which contains daily household drugs, cotton swabs, alcohol, band-aids, gauze, etc., allowing consumers to deal with some small physical problems at home.

Home medical bag

3. Medical backpack shopping guide

The best medical backpack is the one that fits you. Please choose your own medical backpack according to your own use environment and use in capacity, functional partition, backpack fabric, backpack fastener.

3.1 Capacity

Below 20L: Backpacks of less than 20L are usually used for short-distance outdoor activities, such as short-distance cycling and trail running, and can be used for half a day to a day.

20L daypack

20-35L: A daypack is suitable for travel and outdoor hiking, but can only use for 1-2 days’ travel. This capacity range is also the most commonly used size.

35-50L: Professional outdoor backpack supports long-distance travel and can support about 3 days. A lot of things can be loaded. Capacity and functional partition and other indicators can be pulled full. However, this capacity range is a bit too large for short distance activities and is not recommended.

50-65L: Large outdoor backpack, which is suitable for long distance activities, can support 3-7 days of use. Due to the large capacity and heavy weight when fully loaded, this class of backpack must be equipped with a good ergonomic design.

3.2 Function Zones

The main compartment is used to carry bulky items such as small first aid kit and clothing. But in a medical backpack, the most important thing is not capacity, but partition, making every tool and medicine have its own place. The inside of the backpack needs to be filled with small pockets and elastic straps to hold medicine, bandages, scissors, etc.

3.3 Fabric

The fabric of the medical backpack must have good waterproof performance and sealing to prevent water vapor from entering the bag and leading to drug contamination. At the same time, the fabric must have the features of tensile and scratch resistance. Usually in the wilderness and rescue, the environment is very bad, if the fabric is not durable enough, then the consequences are unimaginable.

Waterproof material

3.4 Fastener

The fastener on the medical backpack is mostly used to adjust the tightness or size. In some cases, it is not necessary to use so much capacity. The adjustment buckle on both sides of the bag can be used to reduce the thickness of the medical backpack and reduce its volume.

4. Medical backpack manufacturers

Honeyoung Bag

Bag supplier of all kinds of bag products, a source factory located in China, low price, higher quality. If you are looking for customized medical backpack in bulk, then we are probably your best choice.

Rescue medical backpack

Associated Bag

Supplier of medical bags. Various types include autoclavable, leakproof, pharmacy, tote, evidence and property bags. An American bag products distributor.

Tetrafab Custom Cases

Custom manufacturer of duffel bag, insulated tote bag for medical industry. Located in USA. We recommend you to choose them when you in urgent need of medical bag in small quantity.


An experienced bag factory in UK, its products lines are include medical backpack.

Here at Honeyoung, we are working for everything about bags, wonderful inspirations could happen at any time. We are not only make bags, but also explore business opportunnities in rapidly changing market. Hope this article can help you. Please contact us if you want to know more.

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