600D Polyester: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

When choosing fabrics for bag production, many of our customers will find difficult to decide what is the best material for their bags. Actually the best material doesn’t exist, only the suitable material is. The suitable material for bag are usually 600D polyester. You may wonder what is it and why we choose it, in this article you’ll find out.
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1. What is 600D polyester and what does the D means?

Before we explain the 600D polyester, we need to know what does the D means in the 600D polyester. Many of you may believe that the D refers to density, but it’s not. D refers to denier, and denier is the measurement of fiber. If a thread is 9000 meters per gram, we call it denier. The lower the D, the lower the density, the thinner the thread. For example, 210D polyester has thinner thread, suitable for inner part of bag. 900 D or 1000D has thicker thread, harder and more durable, these can be used in making bag bottom.

Fabrics with lower denier are better than those with higher denier, fabrics with higher denier are stronger. Polyester with higher denier are usually stronger than those with lower denier. 600D polyester is proved to be a modest fabric in bag making.

2. Advantages of 600D polyester

2.1 Affordable Cost

Since we are source factory in China, if we control the cost in relatively low level, our customer will get lower price. With quality being guaranteed, 600D polyester is the best fabric in low cost.

2.2 Suitable for making high quality bag products

Cheap doesn’t means bad performance, on the contrary, the 600D polyester is even used for making top quality backpack, many world famous bag supplier choose it, including Osprey and Jansport.

2.3 Durable and enough thickness

600D polyester fabric is remarkably durable, it endured series of professional tensile test, proved to be a fine material in bag industry. Its enough thickness make it can be widely used in many parts of the bags. Thickness is not the thicker the better, because a thick material will be hard to bend, while bags need to be soft and flexible.

600D Polyester fabric

3. Disadvantages of 600D polyester

3.1 Easier to buildup static electricity

Due to its physical characteristics, polyester is easy to create static electricity when rubbing with other things. During dry winter, it’s very likely to get shocked by static electricity.

3.2 Hold odor longer compared to natural fiber

As we all know, newly made bags always have a little unpleasant smell. And natural fiber like cotton will be odorless within couple of days. Polyester will take longer to be odorless, but finally it will. A fine quality 600D polyester should be odorless after 7 days of using.

3.3 Polyester is not very breathable

Compared to cotton fabrics and other natural fiber, polyester is not very breathable. Nowadays, fabric manufacturer has blend the polyester with other fiber to improve the breathability. Moreover, in casual occasion, durability is more important than breathability, 600D polyester will make everyone satisfied except for outdoor use.

4. What’s the difference among 210D, 600D and 1000D polyester?

210D polyester is soft and thin, it is not so durable and tear-resistant as 600D polyester. It is widely used in making the lining of the bag and drawstring backpack.

600D polyester is lower in denier than 1000D polyester. 1000D polyester performs better in abrasion resistance than 600D polyester. Generally we use the 1000D polyester in luggage case and backpack making.

Backpack manufacturer will recommend suitable fabrics based on customer’s product. If it is a high-grade hiking backpack, it will generally use 1000D. If it is a school bag, it is common to use 600D. 210D fabric is suitable for the lining of backpacks or suitcases.

5. What product is 600D polyester suitable for?

600D polyester is cheap and durable, very suitable for making school backpack, drawstring backpack, kids’ backpack, casual backpack. These backpacks are not used in extreme conditions, so the material will meet your need just fine. Although there are lots of fabrics in option, the 600D polyester still stands out because of its cost performance.

6. What’s the difference between 600D/PVC and 600D/PU?

PVC and PU are two commonly used coatings on 600D fabric.

PVC coating will increase the thickness of 600D fabric and improve its firmness. Therefore, under normal circumstances, we recommend customers to make 600D/PVC fabric and use it on backpacks.

PU coating usually used only when backpacks are printed with large patterns. Because patterns are printed on the fabric in high temperature, the coating could be melted if applying PVC. Use 600D/PVC fabric to produce pure color backpack, use 600D/PU fabric to produce big pattern backpack.

7. Where to buy 600D polyester fabric?

7.1 Alibaba

Alibaba from China is definitely one of the best raw material suppliers in the world. You can get everything you need in here. However, make sure you are choosing goods from verified suppliers. Many of them are middleman, the price could be higher, so a verified suppliers like a company owns factory will be better.


7.2 Guangzhou, Guangdong

The city has gathered many fabric suppliers, if you are experienced purchaser, you probably get your good price in here. We recommend most for the experienced, because many suppliers here are professional suppliers, you could get tricked in price.

7.3 Honeyoung Bag

Finding suppliers on the web could be aimless. What if we say that you can get one-stop service from material purchase to bag production? I believe that many of you will be happy to accept this chance. Here at Honeyoung, we can offer service like this, no need to worry about getting tricked. We are professional bag manufacturer in China.

Honeyoung Bag

8. How to test the quality of the 600D polyester without professional equipment?

8.1 Density

Hold 600D fabric under sunlight to check for light leakage. If the light leakage is serious, it means that the fabric density is low.

Pull the fabric and check whether the fabric is badly deformed. If not, it means that the fabric density is high.

8.2 Scratch proof

Scratch the fabric 20 times with key . Check whether the fabric has obvious scratch. If so, it indicates that the wear resistance of the fabric is poor.

8.3 Water proof

600D polyester is waterproof, we can pour water on it to see how much water stains it gets.

8.4 Color retention

600D polyester can be dyed into various colors. We soak a piece of 5*5 CM fabric in water for 10 minutes. If the water is dyed, then the color retention of the fabric is not good.

Honeyoung bag has experienced 23 years in bag production industry, if you have any queastion, please feel free to contact us, we’ll solve the problems for you.

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