Helmet Bag: The Ultimate Guide

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1. The Importance Of Helmets

It goes without saying that helmets are important, and you can protect your head by always wearing a helmet. The majority of persons who are hurt in collisions involving bicycles and motorcycles develop brain trauma as a result of their injuries. When riding a motorbike or a bicycle, it is important always to wear a helmet to reduce the severity of any head injuries you could get.

The importance of the helmet
The importance of the helmet

If you get a head injury, your head will be given some protection if you are wearing a helmet at the time. In addition, wearing a helmet may assist in preserving your vision by shielding them from the damaging effects of direct exposure to the sun’s rays, as well as providing shelter from the sun, rain, or snow.

2. Why Do You Need A Helmet Bag?

You have just purchased a gleaming new helmet for yourself. If you plan on storing it away for the season, you have to make sure that it is stored inside something that will retain its shine, either if it sits through the summer’s scorching heat or the winter’s crackling cold.

Another scenario where the helmet bag proves useful is when you are transporting it; you should make sure you have the appropriate bag so that the finish stays in pristine condition. Using a helmet bag will prevent you from damaging the paint on your helmet and give some protective cushioning when you are transporting your helmet. Also, it is easier to carry a bag than a whole helmet.

Why need a helmet bag
Why need a helmet bag

Although helmets are a lifesaver, ironically, they tend to get damaged, rusted, and dissolved over time. If your helmet is kept under the sum, it might damage the outer layer and dry up the inner layer. If your helmet is stored in a place where it might get damp, it can also completely ruin it.

So be sure to invest in a helmet bag to store and aerate your helmet as you build your collection. This helps to ensure that the inside of the helmet is intact, which prevents it from developing a musty odor over time.

3. Types Of Helmet Bags

Any bag comes in many shapes and sizes, each with its own exclusive feature. There are many helmet bags available let’s look at them closer!

3.1 Motorcycle

We are sure you have probably heard of and seen a motorcycle helmet. Motorcycle helmets are durable and made of high-end materials. They are water and dust-resistant. In addition, motorcycle helmets are customizable and quite flashy, so to preserve your helmet’s endurance and style, you must have a motorcycle helmet bag. It is not big and clunky as you might think it is.

Motorcycle helmet bag
Motorcycle helmet bag

3.2 Bicycle & Skateboard

Bicycle & Skateboard helmet bags are the most basic in this list because they are widely available anywhere. You can walk into a superstore and easily find a Bicycle and Skateboard helmet bag. It can be as big as a school bag or as small as a mesh rope bag.

Cycling helmet backpack
Cycling helmet backpack

3.3 Skiing

Not only can ski and snowboard helmet bags help preserve their components while being transported, but they also prevent dirt, debris, and moisture from contaminating the rest of your gear, which is a plus since skiing is sliding on frozen water.

Skiing helmet bag
Skiing helmet bag

3.4 Extreme Sports

Like all other helmet bags mentioned above, helmet bags for extreme sports serve the same purpose. However, certain features are added and subtracted here and there. Helmet bags for extreme sports can be any type, from traveling bags for trekking to full-scape backpacks for mountain climbing.

4. Top 6 helmet bags in the United States

This section of the article will look at some of the most popular and well-ranked helmet bags found in the US.

4.1 Shoei Helmet Backpack

Shoei Helmet Backpack
Shoei Helmet Backpack

Shoei, a well-known Japanese helmet manufacturer, has created the ideal motorbike bag with a secret helmet pocket. With lots of organizer pockets and compartments inside, this is undoubtedly one of the most useful backpacks on our list. Side zip pockets are spacious enough to store a water bottle or an item that requires quick access. The Shoei Backpack has an adjustable belt, chest straps, and cushioned shoulder straps to keep you comfy.

4.2 Alpinestars Orbit Backpack

Alpinestars make innovative motorbike items. Their bags offer all the characteristics you’d expect from a rider gear company. This aerodynamic backpack may be used on and off the bike. This is done by enabling the backpack to be adjusted and compressed.

Alpinestars Orbit Helmet Backpack
Alpinestars Orbit Helmet Backpack

The concealed helmet carrier is handy. Stretchable polyamide is soft enough to avoid helmet scratches but sturdy enough to keep it secure while moving.

4.3 Oxford Lidstash

Oxford Lidstash
Oxford Lidstash

This Oxford Products helmet bag is a cushioned carrier designed to protect your helmet. Oxford Products is a well-known British company that manufactures gear and accessories. It can accommodate a full-face helmet, and the outside is made of water-resistant fabric with a fleece inner to keep the helmet safe.

4.4 Seibertron Helmet Bag

Seibertron Helmet Bag
Seibertron Helmet Bag

Seibertron makes available a fantastic backpack with a huge capacity and a helmet holder for individuals interested in purchasing a bag with a more tactical appearance and an abundance of functions. This rucksack has MOLLE nylon on both the front and side panels, as well as a large number of compartments on the interior to accommodate all of your equipment. When not in use, the helmet holder comprises a broad buckle panel located on the front of the holder and may be compressed.

4.5 OutdoorMaster Ski Helmet Bag

OutdoorMaster Ski Helmet Bag
OutdoorMaster Ski Helmet Bag

This light nylon ski helmet bag is ideal for travel since it has a strong backpack design and is easily handled. The base bag weighs three pounds and has room for extra gear.

It may also transport ice skates and boots compartments, although it is mainly designed for ski and snowboard boots. It includes a waterproof shell and a nonslip bottom so that it will stay put on any surface.

4.6 Athalon Helmet Backpack

Athalon Helmet Backpack
Athalon Helmet Backpack

Athalon’s helmet bag is the ultimate option in terms of adaptability, with a capacity of over 60 liters and a weight of just 3.8 pounds. It takes an innovative method to store skiing helmets in watertight chambers.

Because the boot sections are on the sides, there is significantly more space for auxiliary equipment. It has an inside safety pocket, gloves clips, ventilated pockets, and side accessory pockets.

5. Are helmet bags only used for helmets?

Not necessarily, because we are talking about bags. It does not matter what shape or size it comes in. You can probably store anything that can be stored in it. For example, when helmets are in use, you can use the helmet bag to carry other items like caps, sunglasses, etc.

6. Is it easy to carry the helmet bag?

It sometimes depends on it can be inconvenient, and sometimes it can be extremely useful, but that does not mean that you should ignore using a helmet bag. You should always keep your helmet in a safe place while it’s not being worn to maximize its effectiveness. Most helmet bags have a zipper that runs the length of the bag, additional room for stowing the helmet, and integrated pockets that may be used to store a variety of equipment.

7. Where Is Your Helmet Bag Produced?

You might think that the branded helmet bag you ordered might be manufactured in some European country or from the brand itself, but we assure you that you are wrong in this case because most of the world’s leading bag manufacturers are from china and your helmet bag is a product of that. Let’s look at the leading Chinese company that makes these bags.

Hoenyoung Bag Production Line
Hoenyoung Bag Production Line

Honeyoung Bag Products

Anhui Honeyoung Enterprise Co., Ltd., formed in 1998, is based in Hefei, Anhui. Many motor vehicle factories are built here, which makes a good production base for helmet bags here.

8. The Production Cost Of Helmet Bag

Helmet bags may seem expensive, but like any other item made in bulk, they are quite inexpensive to make. Let’s analyze!

8.1 Fabric

Helmet bags are made from nylon. It can also be found in clothing, ropes, socks, curtains, and parachutes. As a result, both demand and supply are high. A 10 sq mt nylon fabric sheet is predicted to cost between $3.2 and $3.7.

8.2 Cushioning material

The cushioning material used in most helmet bags is synthetic fiber and some polyester blends. The cost of the cushioning material is anywhere between $0.8 and $1.2 per kg.

8.3 Zipper              

The zipper comes in whole, and their production cost is usually 50 cents per 3 pieces, making them an expensive manufacturing item.

8.4 Bag strap

Bag straps are usually made of polyethylene, and the cost of production of the sheet of that material is far less than you might imagine. A sheet of polyester costs around $350 per ton.

8.5 Carabiner

The carabiner is a delicate component used in the manufacturing of helmet bags. A piece of carabiner can cost around 20 to 55 cents per piece.

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