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As parents, we all want our children dress smart and choose what they like for we parents buying children school bags for them. However, did you actually choose right? Have you ever thought about your child feelings when they take the bag you choose you them? Did they actually feel good? For this article, I will talk about the structure design of school bags to let you know somethings child would like when they wearing lightweight children bags.

  • School Bag for Toddler or Preschool (age 3-5)
  • School Bag for School Age (6-13)
  • School Bag for Adolescent (14-18)

Before we get into deep discussion about the chilren waterproof bags, we need to clarify that different ages match to different need. So, the structure of school bag will change accordingly. Age range will become the important factor for parents to choose school bags for their children.

Here, I mainly sort child age range into 3 different ranges. Toddler OR preschooler (age 3~5), school age (6-13), adolescent (14-18). I will show some detailed design for you to take a look of those structure on the bag. Then you could choose what you need.

School Bag for Toddler or Preschool (age 3-5)

For children ages from 3-5, children were still in the sensitive period, in this period. We parents should not stop child searching the world they are interested in. So, if you want your child to wear a school bag for daily use.

I highly suggest to have multiple pockets for children to let them learn to manage their own staff because, in this period, children will pay a lot of attention on the order. If they believe their own staff should put into their bag while others should not.

They will definitely not put those things inside their bags. So multiple pockets will help children in this age to sort their own staff very well.

Besides, in this period, children are still in the phase of searching new staff so don`t use the thick and rough shoulder strap for child when they wearing school bags. It will prevent them finding new things! So, I suggest to use webbing shoulder strap for school bags in this period. So, children will not feel so tight for the shoulder.

Besides, some parents think that they need the tow handles for them to tow children and stop them from falling down.

From my perspective, we surely can add tow webbing on lightweight school bag but we suggest to think about the storage function for the webbing otherwise your children may be stumbled by the webbing. I suggest to leave 1 l more loop on the school bag to manage this stuff.

School Bag for School Age (6-13)

For children ages from 6-13, they already passed their sensitive range and start to have their school life.

From 6-8, children could complete their goals based on simple instructions so for children in this age, we recommend simple styles school bags so they could easily sort all the staff they want.

For 9-11, children could learn to use phones and laptop. So, it is better to put a simple tablet sleeve in side child school bag to protect those devices.

Furthermore, children in the school ages are started to get more things in their everyday life so the school bag size for them could be larger than before (around 250 mm height ~ 320 mm) depending on child’s height. I also suggest to have padded foam to protect child`s back.

School Bag for Adolescent (14-18)

For adolescent, in this age, we highly concentrated on multi-functional school bags for children. During this period, child start to form their own study habitats and have their thoughts for things.

Except for sides bottle pocket, we would recommend to have more pen holders, mesh pockets and compartment for children themselves to sort their school staffs.

Also, in this age, children already got more works for their everyday life. So, we need to take a look of school bag back design, such as the bag have padded foam, the 5 kg maximum shoulder strap burden and many other problems.

All in all, children would know about school bags do their need. As parents, we need to know about their children bags need and make directions. I hope those ideas could help parents learn about their school children bag designs.

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