TOP 8 Smart Backpack Manufacturers in 2022

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Since backpacks became the ideal mini storage bags for users on the move, they have evolved. Today, there are backpacks for almost any item you can think of, but one new model that has got tongues wagging is the smart backpack. Smart backpacks have redefined backpacks over the last few years more than any previous model. Today, smart backpack manufacturers have flooded the market with different smart backpack designs to meet the growing demand. But what is a smart backpack? Do you need one, and who are the best smart backpack manufacturers in the industry? Read on to find out.

1. What is a smart backpack?

A smart backpack is a storage bag with innovative features like a charging port for laptops and smartphones. They have all the qualities of a conventional backpack but with a little extra to provide value to the user on the road. Besides having a charging port, some have built-in speakers for listening to music, solar panels for charging built-in batteries, and anti-theft zippers. Smart backpacks do more than keep your items safe; you can do much more with them.

Furthermore, they are made with waterproof fabrics, so your belongings don’t get wet. Overall, their special designs and unique features make them the ideal backpack for trips.

What is a smart backpack
What is a smart backpack

2. Will smart backpacks sell well in 2022?

2022 is the year of smart backpacks for obvious reasons. Due to the lockdowns necessitated by the global pandemic of 2020, most of us could not pursue our outdoor interests; 2021 came and went as the world gradually came out of lockdowns. In 2022, the global transport industry has witnessed a spike in the number of travelers moving from one location to the next has spiked.

Besides travelers, many people are keen to pursue different interests far away from home, and these two groups of people would need a backpack to handle their personal effects. With the rise of smartphone and computer usage, commuters will find backpacks appealing since they can charge and use their gadgets while on the move. So, if societal trends are anything to go by, smart backpacks will be highly sought after in 2022.

3. Why you should buy from smart backpack manufacturers?

If you must buy a smart backpack at all, it pays to buy from a manufacturer rather than a third-party seller. Smart backpacks have unique features that a normal backpack does not have, so you need to be sure that you only buy a quality model. While you can’t be sure of the quality a third-party vendor will sell, you can with a smart backpack manufacturer.

Smart backpack manufacturer
Smart backpack manufacturer

This is so because manufacturers have their brand name to protect, so most of them attach a warranty to their products. In the event that you receive a faulty backpack of substandard quality, you can always ask for a replacement or a refund if their policy allows it. Buying directly from a manufacturer is a smart way to secure your investment heading into the future.

4. What are the functions of a smart backpack?

There are quite a few functions of a smart backpack; we discuss them below.

4.1 Storage function

The first and most important function of a smart backpack is the original function of all backpacks ever made; to store valuable items in public places. You can store a host of objects in a smart backpack, like your books, keys, phones, laptop, or any item of value. Smart backpacks have compartments for different items, and each one has zippers to keep them in.

Smart backpack storage space
Smart backpack storage space

4.2 Security function

A smart backpack has a security function; that is why manufacturers secure the pockets and compartments with anti-theft zippers instead of normal zippers that are easy to open. Furthermore, there is often a special secure pocket hidden inside the backpack that only a trained eye will even be aware of. This pocket or pouch is installed in the frame for users to store precious items like jewelry.

Smart backpack anti theft
Smart backpack anti theft

4.3 Mobility function

Another function of a smart backpack is to allow the user to move freely from one place to the next with their valuable items. You don’t have to be limited to the places you can go by holding your personal effects in your hands. You can put all of them into the backpack, hang it on your back, and be on the move.

4.4 Gadget utilization function

Last but not least is the gadget utilization function. You can use your gadgets on the move if you have a smart backpack. Depending on the design, you can listen to music by utilizing its inbuilt speaker if it has one; you can also keep your smartphone/laptop battery charged while you are on the road using the fitted USB charging port.

Smart backpack charging port
Smart backpack charging port

5. Best smart backpack manufacturers in 2022

Find below a list of the best smart backpack manufacturers for 2022.

5.1 North Face

The North Face

Year of Establishment: 1966

Revenue: $883 million


North Face is one of the leading manufacturers of outdoor products, including footwear, sleeping bags, and tents. Their backpack products line is one of the best-selling lines in the company, with a year-over-year increase in revenue over the last decade. Established in 1966 by Doug Tompkins, North Face has continued to evolve while also meeting the needs of customers.

They produce and market quality backpacks for men, women, and kids. They also have fanny packs, technical backpacks and duffels, and luggage of different sizes, specs, and colors. As far as the outdoor equipment market segment is concerned, they remain a major player.

5.2 Osprey


Year of Establishment: 1977

Revenue: $155 million


Osprey is another industry leader in smart backpacks. Founded by Mike Pfotenhauer, who made his first backpack at 16, the company produces different types of backpacks, and their smart model is one of the best-selling models in the industry. Ever since its inception, Osprey has relentlessly pursued innovation. From their factory in Southwest Colorado, they have expanded their niche into smart backpacks for the old and young.

The company uses high-quality materials to ensure durability, and all their backpacks are safe. Osprey also sells hiking and mountain biking backpacks, kids’ packs, and child carriers. They have a backpack for every age group.

5.3 Patagonia


Year of Establishment: 1973

Revenue: Over $1 billion


Established in 1973 by entrepreneur Yvon Chouinard, Patagonia is a mega company with an expansive product line in the clothing and accessories industry. Today, Patagonia operates stores in more than 10 countries across five continents and 16 factories. Patagonia backpacks are among the best on the market for safety and quality. Among their most popular models is the Refugio 28L backpack for beach activities.

Patagonia smart backpacks are a little on the pricey side, but they represent value for money. Their designs suit your every need, and they come with warranty coverage.

5.4 Honeyoung

Honeyoung bag

Year of Establishiment:1998

Revenue: $30 million


Honeyoung is a Chinese company. They have survived and thrived in a competitive market. Today, Honeyoung is one of the best backpack foundries and manufacturing plants in China.

Unlike the other brands on the list, Honeyoung focuses on mass production and OEM of backpacks, and many famous brands have worked with Honeyoung on their backpacks.

5.5 Deuter


Year of Establishment: 1898

Revenue: $8 million


Deuter is one company that has existed for more than a century. Founded in 1898 by mountaineers, Deuter has indeed come a long way. The company prides itself on being a lover of the environment, so they only use sustainable materials and practices to make its products so as to preserve the environment. The manufacturer has an extensive backpack product line, such as freeride backpacks, hiking backpacks, mountaineering backpacks, ski packs, and child carriers. Their smart backpacks are in a special order.

Today, Deuter markets more than 20 backpack models, so if you choose to buy from this manufacturer, you have so many options.

5.6 Jansport


Year of Establishment: 1967

Revenue: $51 million


Jansport is one of the most popular bags and accessories brands. It was founded by three friends in Washington State; Skip, Murray, and Jan.  After over half a century, Jansport has become a household name with different types of backpack models, including general outdoor backpacks, commuter backpacks, laptop backpacks, and travel backpacks.

Jansport utilizes durable materials, and its backpacks are among the most reliable on the market. All packs bought from their website or any of their physical stores come with warranties. The good thing about their smart backpacks and other products is that you get the quality you pay for. Also, their backpacks are relatively affordable.

5.7 REI


Year of Establishment: 1938

Revenue: $3.7 billion


REI is another mega brand deserving a place on the list of the best smart backpack manufacturers in the industry. It is hard to tell how much of its revenue comes from backpack sales. With a thriving customer base, REI has continued to expand its product line to meet growing demand. Operating out of the District of Columbia and spread across 39 states with a presence in over 168 locations, REI top-of-the-line backpacks are sold directly and through licensed retailers.

The market has day packs, waist packs, baby carriers, explore backpacks, accessories, and lots more.

5.8 Hershel Supply Co.

Hershel Supply Co

Year of Establishment: 2009

Revenue: $60 million


Last but not least, in our review of the best smart backpack manufacturers is Hershel Supply, co-founded by Lyndon and Jamie Cormack after the town of Hershel, where three family generations lived. The Canadian brand operates out of Vancouver, Canada, and its designs are driven by global trends. Hershel produces backpacks that do not go out of fashion due to their timeless designs.

Their award-winning Little America, Heritage, and Classic designs have models under each category that address the needs of different market segments. Hershel backpacks are lightweight, and they have adjustable straps and other ergonomic features.

There are many more smart backpack manufacturers, but these seven are notable for their extensive product lines and the quality of their wares.

6. How to choose a suitable smart backpack manufacturer?

If you want to buy a smart backpack and do a quick search online, you will find dozens of brands marketing their packs as the best. You may get confused about which manufacturer to patronize if you don’t know what to look out for, but not to worry; we will show you the factors to consider, so you never make a mistake when selecting.

Here are the things to consider when choosing a suitable backpack manufacturer.

6.1 Experience Is Key

The experience of the smart backpack manufacturer matters. If they have been in business for many years, you can be sure that they have developed their production capacity and quality. An experienced manufacturer is more likely to produce quality smart backpacks than a manufacturer who has only opened a shop recently.

Skim through their product line to see what they sell. An extensive product line is not a guarantee that their smart backpacks will be good, but it gives you an idea of the company’s profile. Some of the best smart backpack manufacturers produce different types of outdoor products and several backpack models.

6.2 Warranty

Do they offer a warranty for their products? You need to find out. It pays to buy only from manufacturers that offer a warranty for their backpacks in case the one shipped to you is faulty. At least a 3-6 month warranty is ideal to protect your investment.

6.3 Customer Review

Read what their customers have said about them. While you should not expect 100% positive customer feedback, their feedback should be at least 75%-80% positive among all the customers you sample. If buyers are saying nice things about their products, chances are that they are good and worth your investment.

Customer review
Customer review

6.4 Shipping

A good manufacturer ships orders on time. Check their shipping policy. If they don’t ship items within the first week after orders are made, it means you won’t receive your backpack on time, which isn’t good enough.


The best smart backpack manufacturers reviewed in this article are top suppliers of outdoor products and equipment. What did you think of our list? Was there any brand we didn’t mention? Let us know. Above all, always use our checklist to review a manufacturer before you decide whether to buy from them or not.

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