LED Backpack: The Ultimate FAQ Guide In 2023

LED backpack has become a fashion item in campus and streets. Many people are using them as a tool of showing personality. Moreover, LED backpack is a new trend of advertising promotion. Today, Honeyoung will guide you to know everything about it. Let’s start.
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1. What is an LED backpack?

LED backpack is also known as an LED display screen backpack. The main difference with a laptop backpack is the LED Pixel screen outside the bag. The screen can display colorful patterns and flashes, it looks more stunning at night.

You can connect the LED screen to your phone, and then upload your pictures. You can also make it display several pictures automatically.

LED backpack
LED backpack

2. LED display screen of backpack

The display panel of the backpack uses high-end self-luminous RGB full-color LED lamp beads with a resolution of 96*128 and up to 12,288 lamp beads in total, which is 3,000 pcs more than a 65-inch Mini LED backlight TV‘s lamp beads that it adopts.

There’s a TPU material protective film on the LED display screen. It declines reflection, is waterproof and can protect the LED beads.

There’s a rechargeable battery inside it, it can support the LED display screen to work for 4 hours ( powered by a 10000 mah power bank). It can keep working after charging the battery or replacing the power bank.

3. Why do you need a LED backpack?

3.1 Advertising promotion

Showing your logo on a backpack is one of the best brand promotions, we mentioned all the details in Promotional Bag: The Ultimate FAQ Guide, and in that article, we introduced everything you need to know about promotional bags.

LED backpack can display your brand or slogan on the screen, you can change the content anytime. It is a programmable sign for portable billboards, advertisements, holiday wishes, slogans, and business promotions. When you are having a brand promotion, employees carry these backpacks to the street, this will definitely catch everyone’s attention. This method is at least 7 times better than giving out traditional promotional bags.

LED backpack for Promotion
Shop & club Promotion

3.2 Show Personality

When carrying an LED backpack on the street, people will look at you. Some young people enjoy the feeling of being looked at. With the colorful pattern on the LED screen, he or she will be the most attractive person in the whole street.

LED backpack; show personality
Shows personality

4. Advantages of LED Backpack

4.1 Programmable

The LED screen in the backpack is programmable. This means that you can potentially use this screen as a micro-computer. Although this does not claim to be practical, at least it is an interesting feature. For computer enthusiasts and programmers, the LED backpack has full playability.

4.2 Road Safety

LED backpack at night
LED screen at night

Self-illuminated LED backpacks are fundamentally different from those with reflective strips: self-illuminated backpacks have better visibility and safety. Users walking down the street with LED backpacks will get the highest level of safety, not just a good publicity effect.

4.3 WIFI & APP Control

The wifi direct connection and APP smart control technology have long been applied to the LED backpack. You can use the wifi and Bluetooth functions on your cell phone to connect to the LED screen in order to control it.

4.4 Change the logo or pattern at will

With the above technology and features, you can easily control this LED screen and it can display any logo or pattern for you. If you choose a better screen, it can also show you photos and posters, etc.

5. Cost of LED backpack

We can divide the cost into two parts: the cost of the backpack and the cost of the LED screen. If purchased in bulk, the cost can be controlled within 20 USD. However, the retail price of an LED backpack in most countries is between 50 – 200 USD. They are bringing high profits to bag sellers around the world.

As a customer, you don’t need to worry about these, Honeyoung Bag is an experienced China backpack manufacturer that can provide you with a variety of LED backpacks at different costs.

6. Quality of LED backpack

6.1 Seaming

LED backpack is different from the regular backpack, the most obvious difference is the LED backpack has a screen on the bag, which makes it difficult to handle the commissure between the bag and the screen. So, to judge the quality of a LED backpack, the best way is to check the seaming between the screen and fabrics.

6.2 LED screen

LED screen
LED screen

As a professional bag manufacturer, we do not produce the component ourselves, but we have strict standards to control the quality of the parts we use. An unqualified screen could lead to electric leakage or short out, so the backpack could be burned, that’s dangerous. Mind the quality of the screen, it should pass the required authentications and tests. Honeyoung makes the commitment here that we do not use any unqualified screen, even if we produce products of low budget.

Over the past year, there’s been a booming demand for LED backpacks. Honeyoung has received many orders of LED backpacks, including us. If you want to customize it, please get in touch with us, Honeyoung Bag will be at your service.

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