How to Choose a Good School Bag?

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How to Choose a Good School Bag?In daily life, no matter who you are, a student or an adult, you need to carry things with you, and the container that carries those belongings called school bag. A student would carry his books and stationery with a lightweight school bag. An adult may use it to carry water bottle, cellphone or other accessories. As a professional bag manufacturer, Honeyoung is here to discuss some tips to choose a fine school backpack for children.

  • The Bearing System of School Bag
  • The Storage Layers of School Bag
  • Detail Design of School Bag
  • Materials of School Bag
  • Colors and Styles of School Bag

The Bearing System of School Bag

School backpack for children is so important to our daily life. When choosing a school bag, what we should pay attention to is bearing system, the straps should be ventilate, thick and pressure-proof, the best thickness is 2 CM.

The straps should contain several fillers, ensuring shoulders can rest while bearing. The bag should be ventilating, it should have ventilating groove to clear up sweat. Using quick drying fabric is a good way to enhance airing.

The Storage Layers of School Bag

A fine school bag has lots of storage layers, contain most with less space. In order to do that, the design of the storage layers should be large and various.

The bag should be equipped with a front pocket that can put cellphone, IC card and keys in it. Side pocket can put bottle and umbrella.

The main pocket also needs to divide into two parts, one part for book and the other part for laptops.

A privacy layer would be better, users can hide their debit card, cash or something else private.

Storage is so important to a bag, because it is not only a simple container, but also a protector and server.

Detail Design of School Bag

Details determine success or failure; a school bag make no exceptions. Stitching and covering determine the quality of the school bag.

The zippers should be metal, and the side pocket should be made of elastic band, because the bottle and umbrella might have different size.

Materials of School Bag

Using high density inner fabric makes the bag more durable, and the outer fabric should be water-proof, the outer fabric can protect the books or laptop from the rain.

The straps should choose EPE material, making bearing a bag more comfortable, additionally, high quality clips make strap adjustment easier. All of these parts consist of a fine school bag.

Colors and Styles of School Bag

The colors and styles of school bag are various, customers can choose them according to their likes.

Anhui Honeyoung Enterprise Co.,Ltd is a Chinese supplier mainly produced various kinds of multi- layer school bags. We have designed and produced over hundreds of kinds of children school bags; the gross export value reached 8 million USD. For more information about school bagproducts, please contact us. We will provide the best product for you.

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