Cooler Bag Manufacturer: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Cooler bag is a hot selling bag products.In this article you’ll know why cooler bag is becoming a daily essential. You may wonder how the bag can preserve heat and how to find cooler bag manufacturer. Please read it to find out.
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1. Why do we need a cooler bag?

Cooler bag is also called a lunch bag, which is popular among students, white-collar workers and outdoor sports enthusiasts because of their function of keeping the temperature.

The main functions of a cooler bag are as follows:

  • Lunch bag keeps ingredients fresh
  • Eat hot meals in winter
  • Cold drinks are available after exercise
  • Carry napkins and a bottle

2. What is the insulation principle of the Cooler bag?

2.1 Insulation structure

The insulation principle of a cooler bag is not to create a heat source, but to isolate the inside of the bag from the material used on the outside. If it’s summer and you have cold drinks and ice in your cooler bag, the cooler bag will insulate the outside heat source from entering the bag, so as to achieve the effect of keeping a low temperature in the bag. On the contrary, if it’s winter and the cooler bag is filled with a hot meal, the cooler bag will insulate the cold outside and keep the bag hot inside.

Therefore, the main factor of the insulation effect of the cooler bag lies in the thickness of the insulation material, the number of layers and the sealing process. The insulation structure of the cooler bag is generally four layers:

  • Fabric
  • Insulated cotton
  • PU foam
  • PEVA or aluminum film

2.2 PEVA VS aluminum film

PEVA and aluminum film are the two most commonly used materials for the interior of cooler bags, both of which have the effect of insulation and moisture resistance. PEVA and aluminum film of the same thickness have different performances in thermal insulation effect, easy cleanliness and cost.

  • Insulation effect: the insulation effect of PEVA is slightly better than aluminum film.
  • Easy cleanliness: the PEVA material is smoother, so it’s easier to clean if it sticks to oil.
  • Appearance: the aluminum film is usually silver, and it can be customized with various text or graphics embossing, therefore, it is more fashionable.
  • Cost: aluminum film of the same specification without special embossing is cheaper than PEVA material.

3. How to choose a good cooler bag?

3.1 Insulation effect

The most important function of a cooler bag is insulation. If a cooler bag is poor even with the most basic insulation function, then there is no need to buy it. Then how to choose the good insulation effect of a cooler bag? It has been summarized above that the insulation effect of thick insulated cotton and a well-sealed cooler bag is the best.

3.2 Capacity

According to different requirements, the capacity requirements for the cooler bag are different.

Students who bring their lunch boxes: 5L

Student cooler bag

White-collar commuters: 6-7L

Cooler bag for work

Outdoor enthusiasts: 8-15L

Cooler bag for exercise

The mommy who takes the kids on a picnic: 7-8L

3.3 Large load-bearing

For outdoor enthusiasts, the load-bearing effect of a cooler bag is an important indicator to consider. Imagine a day’s camping trip. How much food do you need to pack? How much does the food weigh? Of course, if you plan to be outdoors for more than a day, the cooler bag may not be enough, and you need to use an oversize incubator.

3.4 Nice appearance

A good-looking cooler bag is often more favored by consumers. Most of the cooler bags with high sales volume have a beautiful appearance or pattern with a good color scheme. The cartoon-patterned children’s lunch bag is the most popular among kids.

3.5 Excellent storage structure

The cooler bag with excellent storage structure not only has an insulation space but also has storage spaces. Hot food or cold drinks placed in the insulation space for a long time will certainly have water vapor, then the carried thermos cup or paper towels will be damp. A separate storage space would solve the embarrassment.

4. How to find a reliable COOLER BAG manufacturer?

For how to find a reliable cooler bag manufacturer, see China Bag Factory: The Ultimate Guide. In this guide, you can use multiple channels to find cooler bag manufacturers and it will also tell you how to distinguish the pros and cons of cooler bag manufacturers.

Cooler bag manufacturer
Cooler bag manufacturer

5. What kind of customer cooperation does the cooler bag manufacturer accept?

Customers of cooler bag manufacturers are commercial customers who purchase products in bulk, including supermarkets, outdoor brands, convenience stores, brand stores, etc. The cooler bag manufacturer will accept orders only when the purchased quantity of a customized cooler bag reaches more than 1000. Why don’t cooler bag manufacturers accept personal customization of less quantity? Because the purchased quantity of a single style is large, the cooler bag manufacturer can exert a scale effect and minimize the production cost of the cooler bag.

6. TOP 5 cooler bag manufacturers

Here are five excellent cooler bag manufacturers for you:

Yeti: American outdoor cooler bag manufacturer, its cooler bags are nice but expensive.

LifeWit: One of the hot-selling cooler bag brands on Amazon.

OPUX: Sell well on Amazon, lots of models in option.

Adidas: The best among the peers, but expensive.

Honeyoung: A cooler bag manufacturer from China, the bag can be customized, and the price is medium. Better quality.

Honeyoung cooler bag

7. How do cooler bag manufacturers test the quality of cooler bags?

7.1 Insulation test of cooler bag

Place a non-thermos cup filled with 100 ° C boiling water in a cooler bag and wait for 1 hour before measuring the temperature of the water in the cup. The result was a drop of 8 ° C or 8 percent.

The cooling rate for one hour is within 10 percent, which indicates that the heat preservation effect of this cooler bag is excellent.

7.2 Waterproof test of cooler bag

Pour a 100ML cup of water onto the surface of the cooler bag, and dry it with a paper towel without water stains. Waterproofing is also good. But what about 200ML or more?

7.3 Wear resistance test of cooler bag

If you use a cooler bag outdoors, you’re bound to scratch the ground. We swipe the key back and forth 30 times to see if there are any marks.

The above all are the ultimate guide for cooler bag manufacturers, if you still have questions after reading this, please feel free to contact us.

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