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600D Polyester: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

When choosing fabrics for bag production, many of our customers will find difficult to decide what is the best material for their bags. Actually the best material doesn’t exist, only the suitable material is. The suitable material for bag are usually 600D polyester. You may wonder what is it and why we choose it, in this article you’ll find out.

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18 Best Backpack Brand LOGOs in the World

Honeyoung Bag listed 18 backpack brand logos to show the concept of these world famous brands. If you are working on your logo design, you can refer to this article. Or you can leave the problem to us, we’ll design the logo for you.

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Backpack manufacturer: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

What are the common types of backpack? What are the target customers of those backpacks? How many employees should a qualified bag manufacturer hire? Which is better, Chinese manufacturers or American manufacturers? To answer those questions, we write this guide to help you understand.

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Medical Backpack:The Ultimate Guide

As a professional bag manufacturer in China. Houneyoung Bag quickly noticed that medical backpack has become popular around the globe. Many customers come to us and want to know more about the market and the product. So we write this to answer some of the question you may curious about.
Let’s dive right in.

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Promotional Bag: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Why brands need promotional bag? What kind of bags are suitable for promotional use? Where can customize promotional bag? In modern life, advertisements are everywhere. Many companies choose to print their logo on some daily supplies, usually people will use these products for a long time. There are many such things, and of them all the best and cheapest product is promotional bag.

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