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Top 10 Custom Backpacks in USA

Top 10 Custom Backpacks Suppliers in USA

Personalization plays an important role in today’s brand marketing. If your custom promotional products are functional and have a great look, consumers will use them again and again. Custom backpacks

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Why backpack logo different

How to Customize Your Backpack Logo

During Honeyoung Bag’s communication with customers, we found that many people are very concerned about the backpack logo. For most products, the logo is very necessary, and backpack products are

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Smart man with beard trying bag and making decision in fashion bags shop at shopping mall,

Top 10 Bag Makers In USA

Backpacks are an everyday item that everyone needs. In the United States, there are a large number of bag makers, which makes it difficult for customers who want to purchase

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hidden pocket

Backpack With Hidden Pocket: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Do you pack your private belongings in the backpack? Do you want them stay invisible? I believe lots of us have this kind of occasion in life. To solve this, backpack manufacturers decided to add a special pocket in the backpack, where you can put your little things in it. Honeyoung Bag will introduce the things you need to know about backpack with hidden pocket.

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ALAZA Cyberpunk Skull Backpack

Cyberpunk Backpack: The Ultimate Buying Guide

When we talk about Cyberpunk backpack, you might want to know what is it and what’s the difference with regular backpack. This trend is becoming popular recently, and do you know that this kind of backpack is inspired by a computer game? Let’s dive right in.

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Promotional LED backpack

LED Backpack: The Ultimate FAQ Guide In 2023

LED backpack has become a fashion item in campus and streets. Many people are using them as a tool of showing personality. Moreover, LED backpack is a new trend of advertising promotion. Today, Honeyoung will guide you to know everything about it. Let’s start.

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Young female woman babysitter and toddler baby girl walk in autumn park. Happy family mom and

Best Mom Backpack: The Ultimate Buying Guide

Moms need to carry a lot of baby products to take care of their kids. They need to hold the baby in arms and take care of them at the same time. If they have a backpack that can pack all of their things and easy to fetch things, babysitting will be easier. That’s why Mom backpack can become a trend.

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Skateboarding at skatepark

Longboard Backpack: The Ultimate Buying Guide in 2022

Skateboarding has long been one of the outdoor sports enjoyed by city residents around the world, Skating park can be seen everywhere. In campus, the skateboard is a symbol of Youth. With the growing popularity of the sport, more and more people are buying longboard backpacks for their skateboards. For city residents, skateboarding is not only a recreational device, but also a portable tool for short-distance commuting. By using a longboard backpack, you can easily carry your skateboard everywhere.

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RPET: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

When we do some shopping in the supermarket, we often see a statement on the product: “This product is made from plastic bottles.” Have you ever wondered why? These recycled plastic bottles are made from materials called RPET, which can be turned into many items beyond your imagination. This article tells you everything about RPET materials.

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heart and arrow

Backpack Charms: The Ultimate Buying Guide

As a thing representing one’s taste, backpack charms also are decorative gadgets to improve the experience. Today, let us explore all the details of backpack charms. Knowing more about backpack charms will be helpful in purchase or wholesale, no matter if you are a consumer or a wholesaler. Although they are not necessities, they surely can be the icing on the cake.

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Price tags mockup

Backpack Hang Tag: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Backpack hang tags are an integral part of backpacks and they serve many purposes. So what materials are backpack hang tags made of? What printing process does it use? And how much does it cost? Explore this article, you’ll get everything you want to know about backpack hang tags.

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Backpack Strap: backpack chest strap and hip belt

Backpack Strap: The Ultimate Guide

Backpack strap is an important part of backpack material, whose quality directly affects people’s body comfort when backpacking. This essay will introduce the main types, structure, material and practical parts of backpack strap to help you know all stuffs about backpack strap.

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Backpack material- Polyester Fabrics

Backpack Material: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

In this article we are going to answer your questions about backpack material, what is the structure of a backpack? What’s the differenrce of those backpack fabrics? How backpack manufacturers judge the quality of backpack fabrics? Honeyoung concluded these questions for you, hope you can get answers from here.

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Traveler male with a backpack.

18 Types of Backpack: The Ultimate Guide

Backpack is so universal in planet Earth that everybody owns at least one. Do you know what type of backpack are you using? How many type of backpack existed? What are they used for? In this guide you’ll understand all of the backpack types that we use in daily life.

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Cooler Bag Manufacturer: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Cooler bag is a hot selling bag products.In this article you’ll know why cooler bag is becoming a daily essential. You may wonder how the bag can preserve heat and how to find cooler bag manufacturer. Please read it to find out.

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Architect choosing fabric samples

600D Polyester: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

When choosing fabrics for bag production, many of our customers will find difficult to decide what is the best material for their bags. Actually the best material doesn’t exist, only the suitable material is. The suitable material for bag are usually 600D polyester. You may wonder what is it and why we choose it, in this article you’ll find out.

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Backpack brand logos

18 Best Backpack Brand LOGOs in the World

Honeyoung Bag listed 18 backpack brand logos to show the concept of these world famous brands. If you are working on your logo design, you can refer to this article. Or you can leave the problem to us, we’ll design the logo for you.

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backpack in the woods concept travel tourism

Backpack manufacturer: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

What are the common types of backpack? What are the target customers of those backpacks? How many employees should a qualified bag manufacturer hire? Which is better, Chinese manufacturers or American manufacturers? To answer those questions, we write this guide to help you understand.

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