5 Tips You Should Know Before Choosing A Good Laptop Bag Manufacturer

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Nowadays, you can hardly find a person with no personal laptop. Everybody carries a laptop bag to work or travel, it has become a standard equipment of modern life. As laptop bags become popular, more and more companies come to us, placing orders for laptop bags. They usually give the bag to their employees as a gift.

However, not all bag factories can make good laptop bags, because every factory has different main products and experiences. For example, a bag factory mainly produces cotton shopping bags may fail to make laptop bags, they may lack relevant certifications and equipment. Even if they can make the bag, the quality will not be good. So we’d better find a qualified bag factory that mainly produces laptop bags. Here, Honeyoung Bag list 5 tips you should know before choosing a good laptop bag manufacturer.

Laptop backpack made by Honeyoung

1. Price

Price, it’s always price, you care about it, and the factory also cares about it. Buyers negotiate with the bag factory about price. And an outstanding bag factory will achieve good quality with lower unit prices because they have good access to the raw material supply chain. If you choose a good bag factory, you’ll get the best product at a very reasonable price. Bag factory never sacrifices their profit (because they made bags for a living), to achieve a lower price, some factory uses worse materials, that’s really unethical. Only the well-regarded factory will balance the price and quality for you, they have the condition to do so.

2. Experiences

China is a world factory of customized bag products, there are many laptop bag factories of different scales, and the customization skills of the bag factory are highly relevant to their experience. Apart from rich experience, a good bag manufacturer must endure fierce market competition. Generally speaking, a sophisticated manufacturer is better than a newly established bag factory. Just like 23 years of experience has brought us affluent skills and reputation. In short, choose an old factory, more guarantee on quality.

3. Scales

When it comes to the scales of the bag factory, I admit that the larger the scale, the better the manufacturer. Unfortunately, things don’t work like that simply: Most of the China bag factories have their own MOQ, and larger factory demand much more order quantity, if the customer can’t reach the quantity, the manufacturer have to turn down the order. Even though they do, the unit price for the bag products will be high. I think most of the customers prefer to choose a medium-scaled but experienced company. They can meet customers’ requirements on customization and quality, and accept lower purchasing quantities.

Bag production line of Honeyoung Bag factory

4. Professional team

Lots of companies and organizations require customized laptop bags for better promotion, if the bag factory has no professional design team and sample-making team, then the factory can’t satisfy their customers.

All the professional bag manufacturers have a production team, but few of them hire design and sample-making teams. Only a bag manufacturer with production, design and sample-making teams can be called outstanding.

Our professional team

5. Certifications

Take a look at some international wholesale E-commerce platforms like Alibaba, you’ll find that many China bag factories are small-scale, and more importantly, lacking certifications. It means that their bag products could fail the quality inspection or ROHS test in your target country. Passed certifications are guaranteed to customers.

There are more tips to be added, if you are interested in knowing more, please contact us, and let us help you.

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